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How to effectively resolve the underlying ceramic industry cost pressure

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Recently, prices of raw materials of mug 11oz ceramic coffee companies face all the way up, rising labor costs, operating costs increased year by year, the ceramics industry, "low-cost era" has ended, followed by a "high-cost era," the unexpected The case, and will become mainstream.

High-cost era ceramics is a huge challenge. In this regard, enterprises should be well aware of ceramics, high cost of ceramic enterprises dangerous and potentially harmful, we must take effective measures to cope with.

Improve the product price is a reflection from the instinct. The face of cost pressure, a number of ceramic enterprises to adopt the most direct and most effective way to resolve the cost pressures - price increases. According to reports, this year, some well-known bathroom brands Foshan market without fear of sales pressure, have raised prices, Chaozhou some bathroom business under pressure to improve the survival of prices of related products, ceramic sanitary ware industry "rise" one. Insiders predict that by 2011 there will be more and more sanitary brand to join the ranks of prices. To raise prices is a representation, it should not be passed on the cost, simply by the consumers pay. Behind the need to value-added products from ceramics enterprises, science and technology content, quality, etc. continue to improve, to achieve high quality, high value-added, high-value, high prices in turn deferred.

Management, eliminate waste, improve production efficiency, to resolve cost pressures. Drop this: careful planning, accurate budgeting, small leather small change, innovation, and strengthening R & D of new products by optimizing the formulation, material substitution, simplify processes, improve quality grade rate, thus reducing production costs, marketing costs, management costs, financial costs. Efficiency: the production, management, business process optimization and recycling and other implementation, in order to reduce the cost from the root to create the conditions. This control: to control costs will be paving the way to reduce costs, such as reduced procurement costs, improve inventory turns, improve turnover, reduce manpower costs, reduce time, cost and efficiency costs.

Ceramic sanitary ware industry, "the era of high-pressure" indicates a new mode of competition and the pattern is taking shape, countermeasures, because of different concepts and ideas are different. Therefore, ceramic sanitary ware companies to achieve sustainable scientific development, we must insist on adjustment of industrial and product structures and changes in development policy of walking on two legs, around the energy saving, clean production, focusing on environmental protection, employment law, plus large technological innovation, and nurture their own brands with independent intellectual property rights, build the core competitiveness factors and links, which is the high cost pressure to resolve the fundamental.
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