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The history of ancient Chinese ceramics antique climax of the two playback

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Throughout the history of ancient Nestle ceramic printed mugs counterfeiting, after start-up period, and after almost 200 years of slow development stage, until the Opium War in 1840, it formed a landmark first time in history fake orgasm. During this period, in the modern Western "civilization" under the impact of China into the semifeudal and semicolonial society, large numbers of Westerners into China, "Taobao", antique seizing inevitably become the focus of world powers, antique market, more active than ever, the fake Wind also will be rampant. The wind has been extended to an abrupt end after the 1949 founding of the PRC.

Ancient ceramics of this period are mostly generic and fake basically Jingdezhen in Jiangxi area, varieties dominated the Ming and Qing porcelain kiln. This phenomenon for two reasons. First, was the strongest purchasing power of the Western collectors, the lack of understanding of traditional Chinese culture. They look gorgeous kiln control interest in Ming and Qing, far better than the old kiln on the simple, innocent and minimalist device of interest, resulting in collection of Chinese art that can influence the trend of bureaucratic capital, foreigners with the rear end in the waves, which is in a foreign country the pooling of capital in Shanghai, was particularly prominent. Second, the old kiln production of age-old device, the production process has been lost for many years, there is no involvement of modern science and technology, culture, low level of mere experience of potters, to imitation, is still wishful thinking. Ming and Qing porcelain production process, in Jingdezhen continued unbroken for centuries, although some improvement and change later, but overall still continuing and the use, copying them more handy.

After the founding of the People's Republic 30 years ago, the government implemented strict controls on the heritage, banned from trading, ancient ceramics fake out of the market, it disappeared. Until the first five-year plan period, the central government and the German Democratic Republic (former East Germany) carried out a "technical cooperation", who will provide much-needed modernization of our machinery and equipment, provided to them by the tradition of ceramic production process. At that time the local government in charge of the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Light Industry, the predecessor, in charge of civilian industrial production) does not grasp the technical production process of traditional ceramic materials. In order to achieve this as quickly as possible first-hand information, the local Ministry of Industry, quickly organized a group of experts to traditional artists to learn from Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen ceramics for the first time the tradition has been fully excavated.

During this period, the unit also has organized a ceramic experts in research, development and restoration of a number of ancient ceramic production process. America returned from the 50's led to Professor Li Guozhen Longquan, Zhejiang, Longquan kiln first restored the traditional production process, and then will resume the Jun, Ding, kiln, Ru, build kilns, Yue and Yaozhou , Cizhou, Kyrgyzstan and other traditional craft kiln state. Although this period of state-owned enterprises are mostly imitations of traditional handicraft production, but the shape of it, which also incorporates a lot of modern technology, did not reach the degree of real ones, but it laid for the future full of fake antiques personnel, technical and material basis, these are the dream of the Republic of counterfeiters who can not achieve things.

In 1993, the advent of China Guardian Auction Company, marking China's cultural relics in private hands for the first time publicly traded. This stimulated the mainland of China cultural relics smuggling rampant. At the same time, some private property owners will be eyes on a fake piece of fat on ancient ceramics. It can avoid smuggling of cultural relics given heavy sentences, and can achieve the purpose of getting rich quickly. After 90 years in the 20th century, China ushered in a second ancient ceramics imitation, fake orgasm.

The antique style, more than ever, blew violently, regions covered, many people, the variety of complex, high level, is unprecedented. Antique is the first climax of the Jingdezhen-based, supplemented by other regions; to the Ming and Qing Guan-based, supplemented by other varieties; to the Republic of technology-based, supplemented by excavation of ancient technology; to the low cultural quality of the main kiln workers, supplemented by scientific and technological personnel. Today is the Great Wall of ancient ceramics fake inside and outside the river up and down everywhere, ordinary kiln workers, experts and scholars national battle, a high level, it is amazing.

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