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Ceramic raw materials prices rose faster rising trend

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Reporter depth business research trend of custom 3d ceramic mugs material prices. Current ceramic production enterprise or color glaze raw materials used are continuation of the 2010 "up the sound," a situation, whether it is large in the blanks with raw materials, many categories of color glaze, chemicals, or electrical and mechanical parts, transportation costs , packaging materials and other products, different levels of increase has emerged, some raw materials, the rate of increase or even surprising.

"This year, a variety of color glaze raw materials industry, the price of a certain degree of increase. Which, praseodymium oxide and zirconium silicate rate of increase is most evident. To praseodymium oxide, for example, in June last year, or 16 million / t, the time to September rose to 19 million / ton, and by now almost doubled, had risen by 38 yuan / ton. 9 months time rose as much as 137%, this increase has been achieved a staggering proportions. "Foshan, the fact that he was told of a chemical enterprise reporter, raw materials prices, can be used to describe soaring.

According to Ren introduced zirconia last October from 2.6 yuan / ton up to the current 3.8 million / ton in just 5 months time or up to 46%. In addition, according to this reporter from a number of chemicals, color glaze companies understand that, in addition to the price of cobalt oxide in December last year there have been large fluctuations, are still at a relatively stable price range, the chromium green oxide, antimony, iron red oxide, nickel and other raw materials prices are rising, or at least 10% to 20%. In the frit, the borax, boric acid, strontium carbonate and other materials prices were rising trend.

Foshan ceramic technology in Europe, according to the relevant person in charge, after the Spring Festival, as the main component of ceramic thinner sodium tripolyphosphate prices have improved to some extent, which directly increase the cost of a thinner product. In addition, similar to the water glass, glue and other products solution raw material prices are rising. The official said that in the next period of time, thinner, glue, etc. Solutions to the price of raw materials and the upward trend will also occur.

In addition, this reporter to understand in many ways, the important raw materials of ceramic products, titanium dioxide, one of the recent rate of increase is also great, from last September of 9600 yuan / ton up to the current 14,000 yuan / ton, while for titanium white powder is the reason prices are rising because of the pressure of rising raw material prices caused. Titanium dioxide feedstock currently concentrate, sulfuric acid, prices are rising, these are the direct cause of increasing pressure on the cost of titanium dioxide.

Ilmenite, the It is understood that the main areas of ilmenite titanium ore market price Panzhihua, Sichuan Province have been thousands, the market is chaotic, price range, but the overall market, quoted in the mainstream of 1050 yuan / ton, which preganglionic than 950 ~ 960 yuan / ton price increase is still a lot. Meanwhile, other regions such as Yunnan, China, the current tight supply of titanium ore market, the market price not available.

In addition, a number of ceramic enterprises official told this reporter that the price of titanium dioxide will appear in the recent upward trend to continue. Anhui ANE DDA to submit to the controlling shareholder of the copper companies of the Group and other non-specific object a total of 7 million shares of common stock public offering of 2859, total funds raised to 377 million, to seize the titanium dioxide market. Meanwhile, several major global manufacturer of titanium dioxide - Coast (Cristal Global), DuPont, Huntsman, Ventnor, and almost simultaneously released Kronos second time this year the global price information, April 1 effect. The industry believes that the global supply and rising raw material cost pressure, titanium dioxide producer in the future will continue to raise prices.

Most of the current sharp rise in raw material prices the status, the person that this is due to several reasons. First of all, closely related with the chemical production of energy and resource-based products, rising prices, for example, crude oil, coal, natural gas, chemical, mineral, salt and other prices generally rose. Energy and resource costs rose sharply, the increase in logistics and labor costs, and improve enterprise management and other expenses is the main reason for rising prices of chemical products. In addition, the scarcity of resources, energy saving factor by the state and local government protection and control of resources, suppliers, product stockpile goods and many other factors, but also raw and auxiliary materials to promote the cause of rising prices.

Some people believe that a comprehensive round of product prices, the chemical, ceramic glaze and even businesses are a revelation. Managers should be prepared to respond to high-cost era, learn to better allocation of resources, more material consumption savings, process improvements, etc., and product upgrading, production of high added value products. Although the current prices of enterprises is a pressure, but also encourage enterprises to look for some new breakthrough and development opportunities, thus promoting industrial restructuring.
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