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Dubai, the Middle East leveraging the global market formal investment projects in China Ceramic City

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
In recent years,animal 3d mug ceramic exporting countries experienced more frequent anti-dumping investigation, the case of efforts to become more powerful, plus the cost of increased speed of Chinese ceramics, Chinese ceramics exports to the advantage of low prices to win Gone are the days, therefore, how to change the export approach to brand attitude to the world is the ultimate way out. In this context, China Ceramics City China Ceramics Industry Headquarters and ARI has developed in Dubai Dubai, United China Ceramics City project to promote high-end brand image to the world of Chinese ceramics, and gradually change the foreign countries against China bathroom tile negative impression of the brand.

Yesterday, Intercontinental Hotel in Foshan Poly project promotion meeting held, the organizers of foreign news release from March 9 onwards, Dubai, China Ceramic City  project was formally investment. Then, in March 24 -3 27 and April 29 -5 May 2, the two time periods were organized mission to Dubai, Dubai, China Ceramic City, to do fieldwork.

Why Dubai? Zengyi study the identity of visiting Dubai, China Ceramic City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Yu Min, general manager of road operations, there are currently more than 60 agencies and more than 170 shipping lines run through the air of the city of Dubai. In addition, foreign exchange management and zero-tariff trade is the capital of the UAE to attract investors, the two elements. China Ceramics City project in Dubai's strategic location not only to gather the attention of many transit customers, but also enable high volume retail and wholesale customers come here especially.

Just as the Dubai International Ceramics City & MENASA Business Park, said Mr Ramesh Tolani Director, ICC is a world-class distribution center for ceramic manufacturers, it will be a few tens of billions of business opportunities for enterprises to open the market.

China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the Deputy Secretary General, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Ceramics Art Deco Xia Gaosheng seems, in fact, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, ASEAN, the three best local export market opportunities, companies need to find Chinese ceramics their market potential, not necessarily to Europe and America to run into a wall. This point of view, Dubai, China Ceramic City hand, is not necessarily a "broken trip."

Organizers said the China Ceramic City, Dubai, the total planned area of 40,000 square meters, of which China business accounted for 1.5 million square meters, limit the scope of investment in construction ceramics, leisure sanitary ware, bathroom hardware and personal development of high-end brands, including related products . Because the area is limited, the first phase of the project for the enterprises set up barriers to entry: the first, only entered by the manufacturers and operators; Second, businesses are required to have an independent gallery image; Third, enterprises should decorated hall, reflecting the the best display of results; Fourth, enterprises can have the latest products presented.

It is reported that the project is now fully capped, the handover in June this year renovated into trial operation period September to November can be normal business.
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