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Song pottery unearthed tiger Meishan 15 oz ceramic mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Yesterday,15 oz ceramic mugs Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Lai Daomei and Shan Shisan Su Su words next to Imperial Temple construction site, in an open land, archaeological staff are careful to use a small shovel and other special tools to gently unfold the surface of the soil, some gray pottery appeared from time to time from the soil. "This is a site of the Song Dynasty, from last Saturday to the present, a total of unearthed bottles, cans, lamps, incense burners, hundreds of glazed tiles and other ceramic specimens." Meishan City Leading Group for the third survey on cultural relics, said Zhang Zhigang, deputy director of the Office of .

Zhang Zhigang said that various types of pottery unearthed in a very clear style of the Song Dynasty, many artifacts are imitation bronze look. In this one, most notably a vivid tiger and a Song Tao is about 30 cm black clay pots Song imitation bronze. "The two pieces of cultural relics found in the Meishan for the first time, even in the province are also rare. From the ceramic pattern on the point of view, coupled with the previous historical records, unearthed the site of the ceramics used to be a temple, these ceramics is likely that the items inside the temple. "Zhang Zhigang said," Buddhism in the Song for the understanding of the situation, customs and other important reference value. "Zhang Zhigang said the next step, Meishan cultural relics department will repair these relics, select the appropriate Su Cinei the opportunity to display.

"This is the heritage department of Meishan City, the first official exploration of archaeological trial excavation of great significance." Yesterday, Meishan City Bureau of Cultural Relics, the three Su Temple Museum Meishan Chang Sha Yang said, "the cultural relics department actively involved in building square actively cooperate with, this is the first time in Meishan. "Yang Chang Sha said that to rewards and punishments, will the exploration of important cultural relics unearthed photos Excavation as an incentive to provide the cultural relics department to actively cooperate with the development of the company for promotional display.
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