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Ceramic industry is Chancheng how to further contribute to low-carbon transformation

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
As the first domestic low-carbon ceramic mug suppliers report "Foshan low carbon development strategies based on research," the complete, low-carbon development has become a way to change the development Chancheng strategic choice, as high energy consumption of traditional ceramic industry --- industry in the process taken active measures should be how to further Chancheng carbon transition to contribute to it?

Foshan ceramic industry is the business card, the history of the development in Foshan, ceramics that are hosted not only economic, but also the cultural, historical, and so a variety of human spiritual wealth. For Chancheng ceramic industry, the past two years, Chancheng industrial fuel to carry out replacement of the ceramic industry, the decline in traditional energy producers to bring carbon emissions down directly. Ceramic companies are certified to carry out clean production, furnace waste heat recovery, recycling and so become a typical low-carbon economy of technological innovation. The next update will bring a revolutionary low-carbon technologies are mainly three: the thinning technique of building ceramics; roller kiln fuel and the spray-drying flue gas back to the comprehensive energy-saving technologies; dry granulation technology.

First, the furnace technology updates

For now, the most cost-effective technology is mainly for the two furnace technology: low-temperature fast firing kiln technology and energy efficient construction techniques. Both in the present ceramic enterprises Chancheng has been a very high degree of attention, visit one of its key indicator is the control of sintering time, the major ceramic companies are conducting continuous process improvement best time to control achieve the best quality of products. For example, Foshan Xin Co., Ltd. the first letter of kiln drying kiln made in the peer to take "low humidity, two-sided drying, dehumidifying section" design theory; the same time saving design in dry kiln to fully consider the use of high-temperature firing kiln waste heat and flue gas velocity of the drying brick, heating and reasonable arrangements for dehumidifying air drying furnace location, turn off the stove and the normal production induced draft fan, energy saving and efficiency significantly. Annual average of group 1 furnace can reduce energy consumption and more than 200 million. Aesthetic ceramic Guangdong, Foshan wild card ceramic, ceramic Zen Feng, Jin Yi Ceramic, Choi Hung, a large number of ceramic tile companies are using this drying technology to improve product quality and reduce energy consumption in the win.

Second, the ceramic energy saving path: Clean Energy Production

Industry Status and carbon in the main recommendations, the study presented by industry specific strategy recommendations. Which, according to the ceramic industry Chancheng status, research that can be implemented step by step through a number of revolutionary low-carbon technology updates, 2020, ceramic industry, the largest unit of product can reduce greenhouse gas emissions about 60%, and at least you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40%.

At present, the ceramic enterprises Chancheng some practice areas, integrated energy costs and combustion efficiency considerations, priority use of natural gas instead of various fuel resources, their combustion efficiency and temperature control, environmental impact and other factors are superior to fuel oil, and economically with the use of fuel oil or less, you can promote Chancheng area, the effects of greenhouse gas emissions will reach 13%. Energy Technology Center, Foshan City, 1 year by focusing on 52 companies submitted ceramic energy use, energy-saving capital investment projects and to manage the situation with the sum, summary, analysis confirmed that: coal converted into standard coal in total energy consumption of 67.27%; fuel oil, diesel and other 17.2% of total energy consumption; power consumption of the total energy consumption of 12.74%; liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, LPG gas accounted for only 1.94%. Comprehensive energy consumption per unit of product than sanitary ware, the 2008 comprehensive energy consumption per ton tiles to 264.68 kg product of standard coal, with 278.4 kg in 2007 compared to conserve energy consumption of 105,596 tons of standard coal.

Third, the implementation of the certification mark to speed up the implementation of carbon-carbon standards for the strategic key industries

From a domestic perspective, the implementation of low-carbon manufacturing mark certification, can promote industry-wide energy saving ceramic companies have joined the ranks in the past, with domestic exemplary. The use of low-carbon, Foshan City, the spring also by the ceramic industry leading low-carbon manufacturing marked the work of certification, from the perspective of establishing a new low-carbon industry standards, and truly become a brand standard for the production of the ceramic industry an important platform for will also further strengthen the Foshan ceramics industry in the leading position. For example, Mona Lisa Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong China in the development of standards for the World Ceramic plate, ceramic products, the first international standard developed by Chinese enterprises to participate in, Foshan ceramic enterprises for the first time in the world to obtain the right to speak.

Chancheng low-carbon economy is not limited to new energy sources and energy saving enterprises, but also the traditional industrial system is low-carbon transition. Energy-intensive industries on Chancheng has a very important contribution to the economy, such as ceramic industry, energy and carbon emission reduction on the corporate sector will not even shock the whole region's economy? Chancheng answer is: effective energy conservation and carbon emission reduction measures for high energy-consuming industry, is not simply reflected in the figures on the cost of energy and carbon emission reduction, and should make to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and ultimately become an effective economic investment.
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