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Tieying step further with creating beautiful ceramic works by more than 20

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
February 15, thirteen first lunar month,custom ceramic mugs people being quiet during the Spring Festival celebration. Former member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Comrade Li Tieying, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, with pleasure once again to beautiful ceramics Co., Ltd., to understand their production and operation, in particular Marco Polo handmade brick, production and sales of Chinese products impression of the situation and once again created a number of hands-carved pottery.

It is reported that Li Tieying comrades January 19, 2009 after a visit to beautiful, beautiful ceramics company on the left a very good impression. During the Spring Festival to Guangdong, will stay in Dongguan invited to their aesthetic Huang Jianping, chairman of the hotel where he stayed to meet the company asked them about the development, in particular, a model of cultural innovation Marco Polo handmade brick, the development of China's impression of products also specifically asked to have any new art forms carved pottery. Huang Jianping comrades were faithfully reported to the head, in addition to telling a good head of corporate development, and cultural products more and more consumers, but also especially to the head teacher of the ceramic plate introduced Yang Xiaoguang ink engraved works, aesthetic company in recent years out to explore new artistic practices. Comrade Li Tieying hear, very interested in the company proposed to go again.

Comrade Li Tieying second line, nearly all the time for the pursuit of engraved pottery arts, will have time to study for a painting and calligraphy pen knife, and the extensive exchange of domestic artists, the artistic level has reached a considerable height. Engraved ceramic art in the country for the elephants.

February 15 afternoon, we went straight to the Marco Polo Tieying to beautiful handmade tiles hall and appreciate works of art, carved on the Yang Xiaoguang Mexican teachers stop work to hang around, appreciated. And Yang-depth exploration of the Mexican carved techniques. Subsequently, Li Tieying tell you, these years he also tried some new artistic engraved pottery, beautiful today, the company came in the hope that Marco Polo tiles to create something.

Then started the process of artistic creation. Around 3 pm, Yang Xiaoguang, Comrade Li Tieying began writing studio, surrounded by comrades are all avoided, so that it can pause to think, careful creation. Until half past 5, Tieying how almost no rest, creating a total of more than 20 paintings. Commendable is that the blade of the skill and technique of the superb, amazing master craftsman make beautiful, the painting technique also makes beautiful carvings of the new technology masters an eye-opener, for aesthetic culture of the future development of new products to provide a new ideas.

Nearly 6 o'clock, to see it was already late, Tieying only reluctantly left the beautiful ceramic Limited. When leaving, asked Huang Jianping, chairman, and cultural innovation is the second Five-Year Plan in the country's key development projects, aesthetic exploration in this area makes sense, is the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in one direction, you should be along the path of this keep walking, bigger and stronger, break a new model of development.
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