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Fujian Dehua porcelain to enhance trademark protection of geographical indications

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Dehua Xianjingmaoju ceramic mug factory reporter learned from the county in the fight against infringement of intellectual property and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods special operation was launched, a total of 240 times to carry out inspection of law enforcement, law enforcement officials dispatched more than 1,200 people, investigated and dealt with 39 units, involving 120 million.

In the campaign, Dehua to protect copyrights, trademarks and patents and plant variety rights as the key content, especially for the development of local industry practice, depth ceramics, agricultural products, intellectual property protection and other markets, strengthen ceramics, day lily and a number of geographical indication Dehua, the protection of intangible cultural heritage items.

Exit Inspection and Quarantine Dehua porcelain production and processing enterprises to focus on strengthening the bulk export commodities inspection and quality ceramics for daily use, strengthening port inspection, to contain the scale of the acts of making and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, while strengthening the marks of origin (geographical indications ) management; science and technology department of the ceramic wholesale merchants a wide range of spot checks, from product quality, origin, trademark and other aspects of a comprehensive inspection of ceramic products; the agricultural sector to strengthen the day lily and other agricultural products the protection of geographical indication, the focus against unlicensed production, "deck" the production and sale of authorized species act without a license; quality supervision departments will severely crack down on infringements of the protection of geographical indications, certification quality marks such as illegal acts; business sector focused on investigating the abuse, misuse, counterfeit mark registered trademarks, geographical indications, trademarks and the distinctive emblems, official signs act or acts of trademark infringement.
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