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The export of Chinese ceramics frequent anti-dumping why should the do?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
In recent years, China's custom biscuit ceramic mugs exports year by year, annual export growth rate stays at about 30%, but the ceramic export outlook is not optimistic. Ceramic exports from China since 2001, particularly hit by 2008 from the Philippines, Egypt, India, South Korea's anti-dumping non-tariff barriers to trade barriers, so that China's ceramic industry has been hit hard. Ceramic technology to improve their own content, a positive response to anti-dumping cases, scientific and rational way to avoid all non-tariff trade barriers, as exports of ceramic industry needs urgent solution.

First, international trade, anti-dumping provisions

"General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade" in the anti-dumping regulations: Anti-dumping (anti-dumping) the competent authorities of the importing country is damage to the domestic industry under the complaint, according to certain legal proceedings on the price lower than the normal value in the importing country sales, and importing countries produce similar products, the legal damages caused by foreign industrial products, the filing, investigation and treatment processes and measures. Anti-dumping is the former "GATT" and now "the World Trade Organization," which recognized the unfair international trade practices against a measure.

We can see from the anti-dumping provisions, the foreign companies to the Chinese ceramics the conditions proposed by dumping prosecution must be a Chinese ceramic export price lower than the normal value, and its damage to the ceramic industry. In fact, many anti-dumping cases is a real damage to the ceramic industry. China's cheap labor and raw materials costs low ceramic achievements of the price, and its export to international market prices was correspondingly lower than other countries in anti-dumping cases against China's ceramic industry once, will face punitive tariffs on high , which gives China's ceramic industry caused a heavy burden.

Second, the status of anti-dumping of ceramics

According to incomplete statistics, from 2001 to today, tiles have been encountered in China India, Mexico, the Philippines, Egypt, Ecuador and other countries of the anti-dumping measures, anti-dumping tax rates in some countries is as high as 200%. July 2001, India first case of anti-dumping investigation polished, the domestic ceramic companies responding, only one, but only a business but because the relevant laws and regulations in India do not have the qualified respondent, resulting in China's ceramic products in India was 247% of the high tariffs levied; immediately after India, Mexico, the Philippines discovered the opportunity to have on China Ceramics anti-dumping measures; 2003 years, Egypt imported porcelain tableware from China anti-dumping measures, begun to collect 305% of the tariffs, unfortunately, no one company responding to 47 days; September 2005, China's ceramic tile exports to the Philippines in accordance with 2-3 times higher than the CIF price of tariffs, a measure to tile export enterprises in China with the Philippines to blow; November 2005, Korean-made tiles in my anti-dumping cases initiated to make the preliminary ruling that the production of tiles of the composition of exports to South Korea dumping, recommended that the Government levy from 7.25 to 37.4 percent of the provisional anti-dumping duties. March 2006, Zhejiang Yiwu a company Web site reflect the Ministry of Commerce, its normal export of cheap ceramic tile in Ethiopia is the request for additional tariffs.

Overseas export of ceramic products in China's anti-dumping investigation of cases has never been interrupted, a large number of anti-dumping measures seriously affected China's exports of ceramic products. Since 2005, Korean exports to China after the tile anti-dumping investigation, only one province of Guangdong ceramic tile exports to show a clear downward trend in 2005, January-November exports of Guangdong Province, South Korea tile 8.29 million square meters, valued at $ 26,970,000 , respectively, over the same period in 2004 decreased by 34% and 26%. Among them, tile-based, total exports of 5.8 million square meters, down 36%, accounting for exports of Guangdong Province, South Korea tile Qi Cheng. The South Korean anti-dumping in China Foshan ceramic enterprises mainly for the survey, while enterprises in Foshan ceramic tiles accounted for Korean exports to South Korea's total exports of Guangdong Bacheng, worth $ 18,290,000. The case concerned the amount of up to $ 58,660,000, was launched in recent years, Korea's largest country with the anti-dumping cases.

Third, China's ceramic exports anti-dumping cases the reasons for frequent

(A) the status of our ceramic export

Ceramic production and exports as a big country, China's annual output of ceramics for daily use of about 150 billion pieces, accounting for 60% of world production; more than 30 million square meters of building ceramics, accounting for 50% of world production; more than 7,500 million pieces of sanitary ceramics, accounting for more than 30% of world production. Annual exports of ceramic 40 billion U.S. dollars, an annual increase of over 20%. Ceramics for daily use of which exports account for about 65% of total world exports, ranking first in the world; building ceramics exports highest in the world top three. According to customs statistics, China's ceramic exports in 2006 amounted to $ 6,292,000,000, an increase of 24.88%, of which exports of $ 1,915,000,000 ceramics for daily use in all varieties continues to maintain its leading position, an increase of 15.4%, maintaining the normal growth; building ceramics exports 1.764 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 41.05%, an increase of the varieties listed first; art of ceramics export 800 million U.S. dollars, the third column of each species, an increase of 10.06%; sanitary ceramics export 635 million, an increase also reached a high of 33.91%; other varieties of ceramic exports $ 1,177,000,000, an increase of 27.04%.

In all of the ceramic products, building ceramics exports topped the list, I am building ceramics in 2006 export volume was 7.22 million square meters, an increase of 30.97%, is the fastest growing all types of ceramic, but in the export price of view, an increase of 7.69% architectural ceramics, all ceramic price increase less than average. Can be seen that the amount of building ceramics export growth depends mainly on the number of export driven growth. Encountered in ceramic export of anti-dumping cases, building ceramics experience is the most anti-dumping cases, which form the export of ceramics and architecture are closely related.

(B) the export of ceramics because anti-dumping

Since 2001, China's ceramic exports to frequent anti-dumping, the most fundamental reason is that export prices low.

The Philippines in 2001 imposed on imported building ceramic protective tariff cases:

Philippine imports of building ceramics in 2001 than in 2000 more than 1.8 million square meters, imported products mainly from Indonesia (339 million square meters, 38%), China (2.898 million square meters, accounting for 32%), Spain (9%) , Hong Kong (7%). In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is subject to the regions worst affected Chinese products. "Low-cost direct impact on Chinese goods cheap in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, goods, and even the impact on local products." End of 2001, Philippine Tariff Commission to determine on its own imports of ceramic building material injury to construction ceramics industry, the proposed import quotas, and the outside part of the course exceeds the quota to 2.3 pesos / kg of the protective tariff (SafeguardDuties). The following table taken from the investigation report. Local products than from Indonesia, Taiwan and mainland China imports are high. Italian products in China prices lower than 286%, 82% lower than the Spanish product, lower than 25% of Indonesia's products, 38% lower than local products.

This 2001 anti-dumping cases against China, though not only a ceramic exports, but we can see from the above table all the ceramics in the Philippines among the importing countries, the price of Chinese ceramics is the cheapest, and in subsequent years, Indonesia, Spain, Italy and other country's exports of ceramic products both in quality and in color, variety, style has been greatly improved, and because each country ordered the production of ceramic products, and competition, making export prices tended to be normal of. But China is not in the anti-dumping cases, lessons learned, in the country is still a price war, making all ceramic companies in the ceramic exports only the price advantage, not only down profit margins, also face anti-dumping dangerous, and finally Chinese ceramics in the international market led to the evaluation is low prices, poor quality, inferior goods.

Chinese export prices of ceramic tiles per square foot lower than in Italy $ 0.81/sf, the equivalent of two square feet of Chinese export prices even more. Fierce price war domestic export prices of ceramic pressure is very low, generally ceramic in China has caused considerable impact. China's export volume growth in ceramics is basically maintained by the low price, this limited energy at the expense of the cost in the long run is not conducive to the development of China's ceramic industry. Low export prices while our country is facing anti-dumping ceramic risk of long-term, but once they are identified as anti-dumping actions, will be of ceramic high tariffs, so that corporate profits fell ceramic trough.

In addition, China's ceramic exports anti-dumping because there is the following:

1, ceramic products, low-tech exports, the brand awareness is not strong, serious low export prices

Production line of the old ceramic production, production, backward technology, small-scale R & D centers, R & D capacity is weak lead our ceramic products and ceramic products in countries such as Italy, compared to low-tech, can not enter the high-end market, making ceramic products The price on the international market was low. In recent years, the amount of ceramic export growth was mainly driven by exports, rather than export prices, which resulted in a tremendous waste of national resources. Currently most of the corporate brand awareness is weak, many companies are OEM, there are even those who have abandoned the brand line.

2, ceramic export market is relatively concentrated, resulting in a vicious low-cost domestic industry competitive situation between

In the first half of 2005, China to the EU, U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, the export market, accounted for four of ceramics for more than half of total exports. Among them, the EU accounted for nearly one-fifth of exports to the U.S. because of the abolition of quotas, an increase of 14.9%. The market is too concentrated, narrow export enterprises were forced to compete to make the ceramic lower prices, to fight for the limited quota. The result: on the one hand, the high profits should have been suddenly be reduced by foreign importers picked up a "shot of the profits"; the other hand, exports of ceramic products for the country earned a reputation for the next dumping suspects.

3, the low rate of foreign anti-dumping cases

China Ceramics Industry response to foreign anti-dumping cases than the slow, poor motivation, low responding to solve poor results. Reasons for this phenomenon is not the objective is to provide timely countries importing countries related to this product regulations and standards developed, ceramics export enterprises are not familiar with or do not understand this, as a victim of anti-dumping and other trade sanctions, companies are unable to cope with ; subjective, the majority of exporters more emphasis on short-term individual interests and local interests, unwilling to spend in the anti-dumping more energy, time and financial resources, more attention to low-cost means and "East West does not shine bright" strategy. The end result is the environment led to deterioration of the ceramic export, export enterprises increasingly negative.

Fourth, China Ceramics Industry response to anti-dumping policy

Ceramic enterprises in China should not only be a positive response to anti-dumping cases, and more from itself and its external begun efforts to eliminate the occurrence of anti-dumping cases. Ceramic enterprises can take to deal with anti-dumping policy is as follows:

1, to enhance the technology content of ceramic products, ceramic products to create high-quality

View of the low-tech ceramic products of the disadvantaged, while ceramic enterprises should introduce advanced production lines and equipment, to enhance the company's hardware infrastructure, while a large number of talents in the introduction of ceramic, giving preferential treatment to form a high-quality team; On the other hand to expand the scale of R & D center, so that the true role of R & D Center, both in product quality or in the product color, style, packaging and so on must keep up with market demand.

2, enhance brand awareness

Most of China's ceramic enterprises do not have their own brand, and this is another major weakness of ceramic exports. Enterprises should be based on their ability to research and development and promote their own brands. Corporate R & D center will be based on international trends and market demand to develop products, should not blindly follow the trend of imitation.

3, a clear market strategy, and actively explore new markets, to avoid the product concentration

Ceramic enterprises in China for the international marketing conditions to develop a long term development plan and a clear strategic vision. Not only focus on traditional markets, but also to actively explore new markets, to avoid and other enterprises for the existing market for distributed product sales, the formation of healthy competition in order. Even though some enterprises in the transfer of the current stage it is difficult to market, but also trying to open up new markets for companies lay the foundation for further development.

4, to strengthen the study on anti-dumping rules, in accordance with international standards of information and intelligence systems to establish a sound

China's foreign anti-dumping cases is low, which lack a comprehensive understanding of domestic enterprises, the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement and the focus of anti-dumping rules ceramic exporting countries are closely related. Ceramic enterprises to strengthen the study of dumping and the WTO anti-dumping laws, really understand the major exporters of ceramic provisions of relevant laws and understand the terms of these agreements, laws and regulations that can be used, which must be avoided. At the same time to pay attention in their daily work to collect the company's various agreements contracts, business letters, bills and other payments in case of anti-dumping lawsuits, companies can get ready in the shortest time necessary information.

5, actively with the government, the line will be collaboration, give full play to the government, the role of guilds

Enterprises should actively use the line to maintain close relations with the Government, on the one hand help enterprises understand the relevant foreign laws and regulations, on the other line will be conducive to full play to the role and effectiveness of publicity efforts, but also between enterprises complementarity and common development and progress.
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