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How flower vases ceramic mug display the Lunar New Year mood

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-8
Lunar New Year ceramic mugs in color box, visiting the flower market in the home when the owner will buy a bunch of flowers, so that a more beautiful home in the New Year with excitement. Flowers, although the United States, but still green leaves. If you can meet a fantastic home in a vase, not only to bring home little green, but also as a small vase itself to decorative home furnishings. I interviewed found that many kinds of festive vases, both glass vases, wooden vases or ceramic vases, each have their own style, and most importantly, have a vase decoration techniques, in order to create a festive holiday atmosphere birth machine.

Market vase full of modern atmosphere, very suitable for being placed in the living room at home. They and other decorative items off each other, common landscaping with home life. In color, the glass vase has changed the traditional perception of a transparent crystal. Red, blue, green, purple and other colors intertwined and constantly make the color of the glass vase with a big breakthrough. The ceramic vase is more and more fashionable, colorful and won the favor of home owners.

With tips: The living room is a meeting place for family and friends during the Spring Festival, you can choose some bright, large ceramic vases, to bring a warm living room atmosphere. Flowers may be appropriate to large and let the guests entered the room whom they will immediately attract attention, and he could feel the flowers and night.

New Year's Eve, the natural and ultimately, a hearty family dinner together. Restaurant layout will naturally become the "color" master of a good place to display their skills. One secret is very simple, there are fantastic dining table covered with a pad, you have done half of the friends. Next, what to put cutlery, use those decorations you choose depends on a Chinese or Western. However, the wild point of the eye, they always remain fresh flowers and vases, not only with the flower arrangement that only western food, flowers and Chinese food also "color" a good shot blocked.

With tips: dining table is our place with the exchange, Chinese New Year festive holiday atmosphere naturally very rich, so the height of the vase should not be too high, otherwise it will affect everyone's attention. Vases placed on the table the most appropriate central, so we can dine while enjoying the fun side of flowers.

Finally wait until the New Year holiday, if not travel, it will certainly have to stay at home and rest, a warm bedroom layout is very important. In addition to the necessary decorative cloth, the flowers and the vase is also decorated the best. Vase decorated with a bedroom, the color should be considered not only to coordinate, but also a contrast. Should be based on the room walls, lighting and other home furnishings to the selected color. If the room cool colors, warm colors of the vase could be considered to enhance the degree of the room still a little warm, festive atmosphere. Conversely, cool colors can be arranged in the vase, giving a quiet and romantic feeling.

With the tips: the bedroom should choose people feel warm texture of the vase, such as pottery, wooden vases are suitable. The flowers are pure and sweet varieties should be chosen, roses, carnations, lilies and other is easy to do.

New Year, is bound to greet friends and family from afar, the kitchen layout is essential. In addition to the kitchen clean, but of course do not have fun decorated little thought. And cooking some of the beautiful items not directly related to the introduction of the kitchen is a creative, such as the blooming flowers, exquisite vases, home owners are often a symbol of quality.

With tips: easy to produce smoke for the kitchen, placed there should be a better anti-pollution plant capacity, such as aloe vera, flower towers, kidney fern, evergreen and so on. If you want some ideas, then select the vegetables, fruit materials into flower arranging, both in harmony with the kitchen environment is also unique taste.

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