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Millennium porcelain mainstay of the country who operate behind the times flogger

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Interview in the New Year,custom ceramic mug manufacturers many construction companies have stressed their own ceramics in product development and marketing initiatives and the New Year in focus. Are these really the current development of ceramic enterprises to seek new directions accurately? Slogan Hande ring, ready to work sufficient? A lot of questions worthy of our attention in the new decade.


Ceramic is a long history of business cards. In the Middle Ages for a long period of time, Chinese ceramics are exported through the road and maritime Silk Road nations of the world. Nowadays, although the classic Chinese porcelain, antique auction market and still the most respected museums, but the building ceramics industry in China but did not harden in time frame will be accumulated in the Chinese porcelain art to flourish.

To Bologna International Architecture Exhibition of ceramic sanitary ware, for example, as the world's main exhibition building ceramics, Chinese ceramics, in which companies are mostly spectators. Although a show do not tell the Chinese building ceramic industry to really show weakness in the world's leading technology. But the overwhelming domestic market advertising, international stage but the phenomenon of deep low-key, it is worth thinking about.


Foshan ceramic enterprises Nanzhuang industry relocation was a sensation. The sound on the sustainable development of local industrial hand off the pain, in fact, under the pressure of the ecological environment of the last resort. Even where the latest financial report, issued nearly two-thirds of the ceramics company that relocated to the local GDP is not brought down, but we have a series of follow-up to this event can be seen in various enterprises reported a "very hurt . " Was removed after the company announced a major production line to move back, there are different places to adapt to business growth plans of the hard pull-slip and more of the four brands of antique brick end of the holy Tao Fang closed down.

Admittedly, not every enterprise in Foshan ceramic enterprises migrate, or ceramic enterprises in China have to face a sudden event, but if you do not start from the industry, business philosophy, but the unilateral pursuit of short-term effectiveness of its own way, then more and more under strict environmental control shot for a place will be the inevitable result. In the inevitable consumption of the enterprises to bear the infrastructure facilities of duplication and running should not be underestimated, "was the brake."


"Is the brake," the necessity not in an alarmist, as one of the main producing ceramic Zibo also signs of industry and metastasis. According to the local government, due to the ceramic industry, some of the lack of self-discipline practitioners, pollution control and backward mode of production update perfunctory, Zibo relevant areas have been sounding the resource depletion, environmental degradation alerts. At the same time, the vast majority of limited-scale ceramic enterprises lack innovation, high-input and low yield only low-level production. In the energy conservation and other environmental pressures, the place will be considered repeat of the pain of broken hand in Foshan.


Again closer look in recent years, domestic construction ceramic market.

The overall strength, China's gross domestic ceramic production of the world's total share of absolute subjectivity. Ceramic production in China was close to the level of technology and the world, but in the independent design and core process technology has been relatively scarce. Many small manufacturers are busy fire, but only OEM manufacturing, the resource is low interest rates for tickets, "as the foreign wife to do wedding."

Moreover, although the introduction of domestic production lines and equipment, very hard, but still lags behind industrial operations to update the relevant data, building ceramic manufacturers in the high pollutant emissions, production and investment between the treatment focuses on the right of the limited field of vision rush hope for success is putting the cart before the hands of businessmen. This is actually a healthy sustainable development in the strangling throat.
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