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Highlight the value of hard labor personnel ceramic ceramic enterprises need to sync up wages

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Recently, this reporter visited ceamic mug suppliers several Chaozhou porcelain company learned that occupies half the daily output of Chaozhou porcelain ceramic mainly for export. Last year, raw material prices, energy conservation, power rationing measures the impact of the porcelain is not big business, and labor problems are deeply difficult to restrict the development of porcelain for daily use.

To the New Year so far in 2010, Chaozhou porcelain wages of workers in general have raised several times, including a daily-use ceramic enterprises in January 2011 rose by 15% since the interview that a raise in the number of veterans to return home to the New Year Staff can come back to work after New Year, wages would go up next spring.

New Century Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yang, deputy general manager, said dry, hard labor problems in recent years more and more prominent, on the one hand, with the advance of western development policy, a number of ceramic enterprises have settled down for almost the western region, many people have chosen to go home employment. While working away from home can make more money each month, but if they can take care of home to the family young and old. Chinese native complex special weight, their homes will eventually one day return to their roots to leaves, so gradually the resurgence of migrant workers has become a problem restricting the development of ceramic enterprises.

On the other hand more than two thousand large and small Chaozhou ceramics factory, the factory and the factory not far between, many employees are rented together, so the flow of information between each other, particularly fast. Today, a raise this plant, other factories at night to go back immediately to know the fellow, and if there is no other plants to make appropriate and timely measures, employees may be faced with the threat of loss of production can not continue.

This reporter has learned that many corporate executives are all means to retain employees, some enterprises have deliberately built a dormitory for employees, a sound corresponding facilities, but their effect is not large, many people prefer to wages more in return. The relative ratio of the two, under treatment with a good point good point of their living environment rather good treatment options. For them, go out to work to make money, when it's ready mentally prepared to endure hardship, living environment almost does not matter, will actually earn more money.

Relatively speaking, the ceramic industry is a highly polluting industries, many processes are to get the return by selling their labor, many locals believe that only those people would be no way under the factory workers. Moreover, with 50,60, who's getting older, after 80 generation is slowly becoming the main force of the national economy, and 80 more after the generation is the pursuit of quality of life, they are often only in a very helpless situation they will under the factory workers. Ceramics factory workers rely on more foreign workers.

The industry, the last post is hard to find pottery factory, into the factory workers to be acquaintances of the time has gone, ceramics enterprises have gradually evolved into a staff-led, staff selected the factory age.
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