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Upstream of the ceramic industry in Fujian weak supporting services difficult to implement

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Fujian by geography, promotional ceramic mugs custom logo personnel and other conditions, lack of foundation for the development of ceramic industry in the 21st century ago, a very imperfect infrastructure in coastal areas has been the lack of effective mass transit, and Fujian, and almost no large-scale state-owned enterprises, the lack of large-scale state-owned Business Support. But with the development of the industry, the future for the ceramic industry upstream industry will provide greater space for development.

The scale is not enough upstream of Fujian Ceramic support services difficult to implement

Many small and medium enterprises in Fujian, many places are not yet ripe, and sometimes companies are often the color glaze products purchased out of the problems affecting the production, but companies will still find our additive agents to help solve the problem. In order to ensure normal production companies can, but also in order to maintain good relations with the enterprise, so even though in most cases the problem is not additive, businesses have been able to help or will try to help. In fact, there are times when the machine is not provided by the merchants out of the problem, but manufacturers operating unskilled workers, or improper operation of the production, this time companies will find machinery suppliers to help solve the problem.

At this time, the same is in order not to affect the production, but also to maintain good relations with the companies, machinery suppliers within the limits must try to help enterprises solve problems and maintain production. Mostly small and medium enterprises in Fujian, on the very strict control of production costs, the purchase of products upstream of color glaze price, many are still oriented, and overseas enterprises color glaze for more road transport costs, to participate in this competition in the market will be relatively difficult.

Indeed, a variety of ceramic enterprises in Fujian historical and geographical reasons, there is the larger enterprises are still too few, the vast majority are still small and medium enterprises. According to statistics, more than two hundred enterprises in Fujian, the current can reach the scale of 5 or more production lines will a dozen companies. These SMEs are indeed many problems still exist for the upper reaches of supporting enterprises in the region has brought a lot of inconvenience. However, natural selection, survival of the fittest. A market can not take the initiative to adapt to the needs of businessmen, merchants face the problems that exist in the market, or choose to deal with it, adapt it, or will this market can only hand over the cake, watched other people go to sub- eat this market. In fact, after years of careful work, there are many non-local enterprises in Fujian Province, Fujian this market also was a great success, which hopes ceramic machine is a good example.

Of course, the pottery industry around the upper reaches of supporting enterprises in Fujian to a share of the market must make their own adjustments to adapt to the market, but the ceramic-producing areas in Fujian Most small and medium enterprises, and there are many problems, which We have to admit is a fact.
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