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Spring tea is the time goods custom Lipton tea mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Spring is the season Custom Lipton tea mugs for tea, a touch of spring fragrance that I do not know how much tea can be drunk crazy. In this season of rebirth, but also want to follow and revitalize the body, the best way to a lengthy than a cup of tea fragrance, a touch of flowers and new, blending elegant tea, sip on one, but also clean the stomach purification of the soul.

Elegant glass tea Petty device

Shortly after Ching Ming, Guangzhou is still the shade of the recent heavy weather, in rain have ridden in, Chun Kun has quietly come. Loss of appetite, drowsiness, lethargy, yes, it is typical of the spring syndrome. Want to alleviate this "Spring curse", in addition to more exercise, to maintain cheerful mood, but also you can drink tea to rid the body of toxins, promote the body's metabolism.

In a cup of tea, we may wish to own a carefully selected for the tea, so tea and become a kind of exquisite enjoyment. Think of tea, many people will think of the glass tea nowadays very popular device. Is made of glass tea pot, pot prop, plus 2 to 4 sets of cups and cup pad composed of elements, all seen through the transparent glass texture to the color of tea and tea floating in the bud. After tea and boiled in a pot Torrey point round small candle, insulation, while also giving a feeling of elegance Petty. A cup of strong tea roses, the kind of flavor to penetrate internal organs. In recent years, with the popularity of tea culture, tea glass, the market also with the warming, whether it is shopping malls and small boutiques, you can see its shadow. B1 in the days of entertainment plaza level of the staff of private LIFE introduction device compared to the ceramic glass tea tea, the more of a refined sense of "control many young people fall in love with tea because tea glass."

Simple ceramic tea flavor

It comes to tea the most authentic, but also is a ceramic tea, it can maintain the most authentic flavor of tea. Tea brewing tea different approach is different, for example, Gongfu Chaoshan favorite device, the teapot small, over and over again for over bubble tea brewed into tea. The cooling off just a touch of fragrant tea can, without too much concentration, hence the work can not put too much tea brewing tea. Link Plaza in Wan Ka home is still the 3rd floor has two tea. Crystalline glaze kiln kiln tea its unique crystalline pattern, like a blossoming chrysanthemums, aquamarine with light, refreshing and pleasant. While another bamboo-shaped porcelain tea live in the production added a variety of minerals, can release negative ions at room temperature to optimize water quality. Weijia thinking in the Square, China Square Code of wood weathering a teapot full of tea, a few friends together for the use of a monthly talk.

The one-off brew tea, more appropriate, or larger pot. 3rd Floor, Link Plaza, in million male hair ceramic shop, the reporter saw a lot of tea for retro styling. According to staff briefing, both festive red festive tea set, tea set printed Family Names, classical style tea parties are great Chinese cultural flavor, and in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are very popular. One festive tea and red tea parties have adopted the design of double-cup structure, has good insulation effect. Even just a good soak of hot tea, not afraid of hot. The Family Names Tea is also popular for its unique purple love. In addition, there are several Japanese ceramic tea cup, full of simple beauty of antique design.

Recommended spring tea

VS Rose tea glass tea device

Production: 15 grams rose bud into the tea, add boiling water, simmer 10 minutes.

Efficacy: rose with beauty beauty, through the meridians of the efficacy, long-term drinking can improve sleep.

Bamboo-shaped living chrysanthemum tea, porcelain tea sets parameters VS

Production: 5-6 dry chrysanthemum flower and put together 10 grams of ginseng tea, add boiling water, simmer 10 minutes.

Efficacy: Chrysanthemum remove thermal effects have eyesight, ginseng can improve the immune system, ward off fatigue, which together can be refreshing.

Antique Flower licorice mint tea VS

Production: The 3 grams of 10 grams of licorice and mint into the tea, added boiling water, simmer 5 minutes.

Effects: Licorice has retired the liver, the effectiveness of fire eyesight, mint has a refreshing effect, both with energy disperse sleepy.
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