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Tangshan Ceramic chain of being turbulent break process

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
By water in the door plain white ceramic coffee mugs of the ancient times, people long-distance, large-scale migration is unlikely, especially in the source of the river of life have not changed much when the stalled process of migration can not be explained in time, or only to consider natural disasters, epidemics, war, and the emergence of alternatives. Tangshan region and halt the development of pottery technology no conclusion, while the subsequent achievements of the Warring States era smelting industry, but it is undoubtedly an important part of the results confirmed pottery, who unearthed the tomb of the Warring States Period Jia Coal-rich copper container Ding, beans, pot, London, plates, washbasin with a tubular handle, fine shape, ornamentation and delicate, by no means take time to perfect. Unearthed a huge number of other lots in the Warring States era of the sword, Ge, halberds, axes, adze, knife and hook, horses and other weapons and equipment of the beautiful title, we can say that not less than thousands of years pottery controller. And if there is no pottery making tradition, this is unthinkable. At the same time, it at least shows that the Tangshan region in ancient times, the smoke of war has long than the dawn of peace more.

I have been fortunate enough to get started in a county before a Han bronze objects, is the drink with a three-piece, about 30 centimeters in diameter, removable Yu, a pot, pot drawer, lid, green rust exposed copper yellow, three Jieyou double beast head handles, decorated beautifully shape rigorous, uniform sidewalls. That should be an army of artifacts, but also belong to a class of tripod, but no tripartite balance, appears to light more.

Shape according to the historical development of Chinese ceramics sort, usually first, pottery, followed by the rise of bronze, and finally bronze imitation of porcelain, porcelain independent. This part of bronze of Tangshan region can be said to exquisite perfection, then it seems logical to be porcelain debut, but in fact are not.

It seems from a time when human society, the Tangshan region to forces in the territory of one or more complete, and the edge of this state, from the ancient Shang dynasty, has been to build the city of Tangshan in 1938 be considered over. The edge is characterized by that time and time again through the baptism of the war. Reading is like reading a history of Tangshan history of war, in this region, the clouds of war as lasting as time. There King Wu, Chi-tzu left Gui, Qi Henggong off Guzhu, Yanzhao Wang Yu Hu, Yan Qin destroyed, Emperor Eastern Campaign, the North hit Wuhuan Cao Cao, from the sixteenth to the Northern Dynasty unified the country nearly 300 years, Tangshan has the area before Xianbei Yan, Former Qin Dizu, Xianbei Hou Yan, Jie Zhao after the family, the North Han Yan, Xianbeis Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Northern Qi Han, Zhou Xianbei such regimes, King of the flag are frequently changing hold up with blood, and its tragic war, pepole trampled on, it is conceivable. Subsequently, Sui Dongzheng Korea, North keep the Great Wall, Don Dongzheng Korea, North against Khitan Liao rule 200 years of Tangshan, Tangshan, gold accounted for more than 100 years, per 100 years in Tangshan, the Battle of the Ming Dynasty have Jingnan, Tatars of the patients, the Ming and Qing dispute, the Great Wall of modern war, a thousand miles ... no man's land ...

Can say that the war in Tangshan region, is suffering the Chinese people a complete history, in this environment, our ancestors did not make Porcelain developed, seems a matter of course, but somewhere seems a feeling: the first people to create the porcelain, hard, durable wear, save for a long time, but the only fear is that may not strongly impact the war is a strong impact, the impact of the war, the ceramic is not life. This is the fate of the wisdom of the ancestors is not it?

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