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Six works of art collection of hot spots in 2011

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Art sales in Hong Kong has just experienced a record year custom crown mugs ceramic, next year, what will happen?

Independent art consultant and former Hong Kong Christie (Christie's) managing director Linhua Tian (Anthony Lin) said, "no matter from what era, all the works of top artists will be hot."

2011, art prices will continue to rise, power is from mainland China full of new collectors from the pocket. Mr Lam said, "art does not seem to cap prices, the only problem has been supply."

According to Lin's view, although Hong Kong's booming art market, but it is still not mature enough, and therefore prone to volatility. Popular on next year's collections, the following is his choice.

18th century decorative arts in China: the Qing Dynasty art prices hit record highs in 2010, next year will continue to be favorable for collectors from various quarters, especially pottery and artifacts Queen. Mr Lam said, "Chinese buyers of their traditional culture is very emotional, this market is still in an early stage so far." Collectors into the field will be more and more demand will continue to rise.

Masters of modern China: 20th century paintings and ink paintings of Chinese artists are selling very well, especially noteworthy is that Chang (1899-1983) and Fu (1904-1965) and other masters.

China's leading contemporary artists of the early works: Mr. Lin said, "Everyone seemed concerned about Zhang Xiaogang (born 1958) and Yue Minjun (born 1962), like the painter, you want to find a reliable source of early works." These Artists so far have not stopped writing, but collectors who want their early works, that is, to the late 20th century, 80 works of the early 90s. Mr Lam said, "later works readily available, but with their earlier works of iconic style."
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