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After the big cold-hot ceramic development is still difficult in 2011

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
With the end of the year approaches,black ceramic mug suppliers a variety of summary conferences after another, while the situation in 2011 Ceramic how? I am afraid that the industry is particularly concerned about the human subject.

According to a well-known ceramic machine brand executives said the second half of the ceramic machine market, great changes have indeed occurred, September and October for two months continuous light, but in November, ceramic machine orders rose a sudden there are , delivery is also feeling a little tight. What are the reasons, is not due to any new building ceramics market hot, but the number of ceramic enterprises have launched the project started, ready to go on had hair. Now that early laps, the project to half do not continue to stay here is not the answer, a big initial investment, and who is not willing to give up halfway, not to mention the local government nor the fool, and large tracts of land have been handed over to investors, If the delay does not delay the construction of the image will also affect local investment or personal achievements. So now the business has improved during this period, it is not representative of the pottery in 2011 after the Spring Festival market will continue to prosper, the real hard times yet to come.

In my view, there must be a large hot and cold fever earlier overly optimistic market, production capacity too quickly, the market can not digest a moment, and now have to pay the debt, to pay a certain price. How many ceramic enterprises can survive this cold winter, is still unknown, but it would certainly eliminate a lot of the old on-line and follow the trend of bad financial strength of small and medium ceramic enterprises.

Looking back, the pottery market demand in previous years, high profits, leading the entire industry is still in the extensive development of the disorder among the industry model is still stuck in low-level duplicated construction, many new areas of ceramic enterprises mainly rely on low-cost elements, rather than technological innovation, brand building to compete, local governments are lax guidance they simply expansion, anxious, thinking that the big industrial park on the success of the industry.

As Mr. Liu Yong Shanghai dealer said well-known pottery, building materials market is now less than before, too scattered, a single Shanghai alone more than 200 building materials market, but market is further broken down, like Macalline, Xiyingmen these high-end stores, the brand did not get the general, selling bricks are much larger initial investment. On a single brand as before, the value of 3 to 500 million sales can survive, only annual sales value of 8 to 1 billion can be maintained. Moreover, the Office carried out in the end is not easy, not only to product differentiation depends on the scale of Competition, such as Bode tiles hall generally larger (2000 to 3000 square meters), the product positioning is also expensive; Mona Lisa Ceramics is highlight the large-sized plate and porcelain painting, these elements constitute the core of enterprises in the terminal market competitiveness. Ceramic Mug Manufacturers

In short, the future of ceramic enterprises to have sustainable and healthy development, the uncertainty facing policy risks even more. Such a high energy consumption and large capacity so a traditional industry, whether in response to the new market environment reborn, in the green low-carbon, energy-saving environmental protection a fundamental innovation in the overall level of competition there are revolutionary breakthroughs, will determine the industry the fate of the former line.
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