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Turbulent ceramic ceramic industry can not give up the dream

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
When the last day of 2010 quietly come gold ceramic mugs, first ray of sun in the faces of children who look up above, we, as some come early for you to send greetings and best wishes on New Year's.

Of course, the waters of time, this moment and the next moment is not essentially different. The sun is new every day, but no matter how memorable day, the speed of its passage would not be the slightest difference. Every year, we hope will be after, explore, harvest and regret, to themselves or others, sincere joy or sadness.

This is a posed wanes world, but also a life composed of emotions. Thousands of years, never changed before. In the turbulent history of the text before the Pentium, in fact, just the foam on the droplets, it is difficult to grab the case. But we can not give up records, because that is the course we have.

Can not give up, and our dreams about the future, three thousand living there may be different, do not artificially limit. Rush ahead of the pace, can choose to stay in the moment --- a little better off to rest. We need to review, need to reflect on the need time to adjust according to changes in the environment coordinate their actions.

In 2010, it was a proud year. Almost all the "Eleventh Five" indicators and targets are successfully achieved, in 22 major quantitative indicators, the "GDP", "GDP per capita" and 15 indicators are "exceeded" or "ahead of schedule . " China's GDP amounted to over Japan, ranked second in the world; to "City Better Life" as the theme of the Expo in China's most cosmopolitan city of Shanghai held a grand temperament, stunning the world in the China Pavilion to the back of unprecedented scale Urbanization of the earth is continuously staged Divine; and the Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China is conveyed to the world's most complex roots of the modern city attractive picture, waistline, sand and sea echo can be considered urban architecture and landscape of the integration case ... ...

In 2010, this is a more important role entrepreneurs play a year. March 28, 2010, and Tao's birthday the same day the city reported the day auspicious to 1.8 billion acquisition of Volvo. Claiming "there is no standard answer to life," the owner, he learned the accumulation and development, relying on his firm belief, but also rely on the "China Concept" to complete his "She Tunxiang" fantasy. And also this year, carrying the world's richest man, Gates, Buffett traveled to China, reached the high-profile visit from the traditional automotive manufacturing OEM BYD. Wang, the courage to tear up the car "culture" of camouflage, with unmatched cost-effective and pragmatic no doubt won the recognition of consumers, adhere to the "new energy vehicles," the arrogance of those who dream, never to dull. Even more amazing is that Zong, the stubborn, known to the budding continent's richest man, dismissive of the mainstream theory of the firm, but with the "no-tech" drink to do such a state, so we have to re- broad understanding of the domestic market and the marketing of the supremacy of the victory ... ...

2010, which is the turbulent year of the ceramic industry. More and more enterprises begin to use the power of capital integration and adjustment, such as Guangdong Keda Electrical absorption HENGLITAI, Foshan Ceramics asset restructuring Eagle, East Asia Group Singapore delisting, Chaozhou porcelain leading venture in Shenzhen Great Wall Group Listing and Hunan-day option exchange-listed Tianjin Xin Ceramics, Foshan Ceramics London GEM Asia and so on. The Italian pottery and ceramics production in North America's largest operator Interceramic ceramic fashion ICC set up a joint venture, Guangdong Hing Fai Ceramics Group Mo-hawk and the United States joint venture company, is the ceramic enterprises based on capital, management, design, marketing, and the consolidated level advanced foreign colleagues for the strategic cooperation. This fully shows the competitive ceramic, has been from the original product competition, brand competition, up to now the capital competition, strategic competition. This trend is enough to answer this year, appeared in the ceramic industry situation: the high-end brands to expand market share, increased profits, while the low-end brand sales were down, and even difficult to sustain. Custom ceramic mugs gold handle

In 2010, this is for the ceramic industry, local governments re-examine the year. Either as a base for ceramic red Jiajiang embryo, or trade with Central Asia, the concept of port Yining, are choosing to "Ceramics Festival" in the form of pushing the ceramic industry. Jinjiang, Fujian and Shandong Zibo deterred Foshan, the beginning of the iron fist for the ceramic industry regulation. Transfer of industrial upgrading in one step earlier in Foshan, this year not only to "ceramic culture of the past, present and future" as an example, was named the best city of the Expo case, also launched a high-profile San Shek Wan, "to build the Millennium pottery capital" of the grand plan . The Green Fields from the "first town of ceramic production," turned to "Chinese Ceramics business capital", but also from one side to prove the economy of Foshan ceramics really established the headquarters and the Government's forward planning and scientific administrative will for the industry cluster lead role.

In 2010, the year is full of regret. Since the reform and opening up dynasties, as was the simple pursuit of rapid economic growth, GDP is almost a measure of economic development and the only official performance indicators, economic and social development has become increasingly prominent problem. This year, China set a world record high-speed rail, but rising prices have not shirk the civilian sectors. High housing prices so that people from the Home Ownership more distant dream, investors and speculators were manipulating prices of agricultural products are also becoming difficult to choose the table, repeatedly raised the prices the way to free travel no longer free. The Foxconn case, Chinese labor as a typical case, marking the economic restructuring and improvement of people's imperative.

2011 is the "second five" in the first year, is building a moderately prosperous society in China, a critical period, but also deepen the reform, speeding up economic development in the crucial period of change in the mode, or the great development of the international situation, major adjustments and major changes in important period. Accelerating the development of a multipolar world, globalization has accelerated the development of the existing rules of the international community, will change because of a rising China. And more and more large Chinese ceramic industry, will gradually get higher levels of concern, there may even usher in a new industrial restructuring policy. Carbon production, capital integration, brand focus will be each ceramic enterprises to face the change.

Today will be the last, but it is doomed forever in history. We have seen various manifestations of life and weak, only faith be so strong. In this great era, to be a vulgar ordinary people are happy, make a dedication of ordinary people is substantial. The dream has always insisted that people who apply what they learn, those who hesitate to burn in order to change themselves, is the flash.

What more powerful than the desire? A long history in this continent, in which the growth of the world admired the miracle behind the countless dreams like you and me insist on fighting, we believe that there will eventually return to pay . We are eager to change, we do not want to stay in the rut, we believe that the power of cutting-edge.

Because, you and I have reason to believe that each of us insist on doing their own, China will become more beautiful.
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