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How to get rid of the tea dirt on the custom ceramic mug with lid?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-12-5
Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, People who like to make tea must have a common experience, that is, tea pots and mugs have been used for a long time, and a layer of tea stains that are very difficult to clean will be left on the bottom of the pot and mug. No matter which kind of strong detergent is used, It's not easy to clean the tea dirt in the bottom of the pot and custom tea ceramic mug with too much effort. At this time, you can peel the potatoes, put all the peeled potato skins into the teapot and teamug filled with water, and boil them together. After the water is boiled, it will cool a little and then scrub. You can easily attach it to the teapot and The tea dirt under the tea mug is cleaned. This method can also be widely used for removing dirt in pots and vases.

In addition to tea scale, eggshells can also effectively remove scale. A thermos with hot water is prone to scale after being used for a long time, and because the mouth of the thermos is narrow, it is not easy to remove the scale at the bottom. You might as well put some broken eggshells in a water bottle, add some water and appropriate amount of detergent, cover the bottle thickly and shake the bottle up and down, and finally rinse with water several times, so that the scale in the thermos can be effectively removed. Eggshells have such a magical cleaning function, you might as well give it a try!
Potato peels can also be used to deal with scale in the pot. The aluminum pot or aluminum pot in the home will often form a thin layer of scale on the surface after being used for a period of time. You might as well use the peeled potato skins to help you remove the scale. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, then put the potato skins into the pot and cook for about ten minutes. You will find scale sticking to the pot or pot wall. Can be easily removed, how to customize ceramic mugs?
Eggshells have the function of cleaning home! Just crush the eggshell, put it into the dirty mug or bottle to be cleaned, and then add a few drops of vinegar, shake it slowly, and then wash it with a brush to clean the parts that are not easy to clean. Because of the many times of making tea in a teamug, a thick layer of tea stain is easy to accumulate on the wall of the mug, and sometimes this kind of tea stain is not easy to clean. If you have tea mugs with heavy tea stains in your home, you might as well use broken eggshells to scrub the mugs. You will find that the tea stains on the mug surface can be easily washed away!

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