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Mug manufacturer - Production process of ceramic couple mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-11-28
From Xin xiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Stamping forming: also known as plastic forming, used to make ceramic couple mugs; plastic forming can be divided into sculpture, printing blank, drawing blank, spinning and rolling.

Grouting: an average of 25-50 times for molds with patterns; an average of 50-70 times for molds without patterns. Lathe molding: Lathe molding is mainly used for custom ceramic couple mugs. It is characterized by fast speed, can be operated for 24 hours, and 1 product in 10 seconds. The process is: soil mixing machine cuts the soil into humidity, with uniform diameter Qualified strips-cutting with a soil cutter (cut the length of the soil strips according to the amount of the product)-forming on a mechanical cart with drying equipment.

The plaster mold is a hard mold. The love ceramic mugs must not have very complicated shapes and deep lines. The plaster has water absorption and is formed by its water absorption during production. The plaster used to make the mold must be emptied first, and then press 1:0.7 The ratio of 1:0.85 is adjusted to gypsum material. The CASE mold made of anhydrite is several components separated from the original mold (the so-called slicing). When slicing, it must be tested that it will not be pulled when demolding. If the soil embryo is damaged, CASE molds can be used to fill multiple production molds for production. When we need to speed up the progress, we need to make more production molds. In our lives, espresso ceramic mugs are often associated with a certain warm moment.

The classification of ceramics is divided into categories. At present, the main products circulating on the market are daily-use porcelain, bone ash porcelain, Linglong daily-use wholesale porcelain mugs, underglaze (middle) color daily-use porcelain, daily-use fine pottery, ordinary ceramics and fine ceramic cooking utensils. Except for bone ashes, the other products are divided into different grades such as high-quality, first-class, and qualified products according to the number or magnitude of appearance defects.
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