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2022 Quality level of china ceramic promotional mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-12-12
Xin xiang Ceramic promotional mug manufacturer, Appearance quality is an important indicator of product grade classification. my country's current product standards divide products into three categories: high-quality products, first-class products, and qualified products.

The high-quality products are equivalent to the international advanced level, the first-class ceramic promotional mugs are the domestic advanced level, and the qualified products are the domestic general level. The appearance quality of top-grade products basically meets the requirements of "5 nos and 1 small", that is, no spots, no slag, no color dirty, no pinholes, no glazed scratches, and small deformation. Spots (black spots) are commonly known as fly dung. If there are spots on the product, it will always give people a feeling of uncleanness, thereby affecting appetite.
First-class products and qualified products have larger requirements for allowing defects than superior products. As China's daily-use cheap promotional mugs gradually ocmugy the international low-end market, countries around the world have put forward stricter quality and safety requirements for my country's daily-use ceramic products.
At the same time, compared with foreign high-end ceramic products, there is still a certain gap in the overall quality level of my country's daily-use ceramic products. my country's vast daily-use ceramics industry still lags behind Western developed countries in terms of production technology, management level, and raw material research and development. Improving the quality and safety level of daily-use ceramics is not only a magic weapon to overcome technical trade barriers in various countries and form a competitive advantage, but also the only way to establish a Chinese ceramic brand and open up the international mid-to-high-end ceramic market. Gifts should generally be selected fine Ceramics, such mugs are exquisite in workmanship, such as imperial concubine porcelain. The bulk porcelain coffee mugs is fine and white, with good light transmission. The ornamental is particularly high. Also, choose the exquisite surface, not too rough. why. Because the surface of the flower is too thick, if it can be pressed with your nails, then this one will be thrown away. If the surface is smooth, it feels a little better, as if touching the head of Grandpa Mao. This is good, slightly bumpy.

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