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Xinxiang mug manufacturer introduces the types of stoneware coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-9-5
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Drinking coffee is just like drinking water, it is a matter of course. But for a good mug of coffee, in addition to careful roasting and exquisite operating skills, coffee mugs also play an extremely important role. Let me give you a deeper understanding of the stoneware coffee mug.

The most basic one is that coffee mugs must not chemically react with coffee, so active metals must not be used to make coffee mugs (of course, if you want an alternative taste, you can), such as aluminum mugs. The body of the coffee mug should be thick and the mouth should not be wide open. The mug will condense the heat of the coffee, and it will not be easy to cool down quickly, and will not affect the taste and taste of the coffee.
Traditional coffee mugs can be divided into 3 types.
The first type is a small coffee mug with a capacity of less than 100 ml, and the amount of coffee is between 50-70 ml;
The second type is a general coffee mug with a capacity of less than 200 ml, and the amount of coffee is between 150-180 ml;
The third type is about 300 ml mugs used for mugs without a base and French milk coffee mugs.
Of course, in order to make some beautiful and beautiful fancy coffee, various glass goblets, beer glasses, etc. are also used. But it is not counted in the purebred coffee mug.
There are many kinds of coffee mug materials, such as custom porcelain mug, pottery, stainless steel, bone china and so on. Porcelain and pottery are glazed and fired. The texture of pottery is relatively rough and slightly absorbent. If the glaze falls off, that part will be easily contaminated and cannot be washed off; the texture of porcelain is finer and non-absorbent, and of course the price will be much higher .
Bone china mugs have good thermal insulation properties, which can keep the temperature of coffee in the mug, but the price is extremely high; double-layer stainless steel mugs have high thermal insulation properties and are durable and will not be worn out. The price is slightly better than bone china coffee but lacks aesthetics.

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