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How to custom the sublimation mugs? Xinxiang mug manufacturer

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-8-30
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, Custom sublimation mugs are very common in life now. There are many sublimation ceramic mugs/mugs on the market, maybe you have used them too!
Heat transfer mug
Thermal transfer, many friends may sound unfamiliar, in fact, this is a widely used technology, thermal transfer mugs can be made into different pictures, which can satisfy modern people's pursuit of personality, generally look at thermal transfer Print the mug tutorial, or follow a skilled person to learn it, you can quickly get started. The heat transfer mug can also be made by yourself. It can be used as a meaningful gift with its own characteristics. It can be sent to friends or children. It's coming to Children's Day soon!

Sublimation Coffee Mug Tutorial/DIY Mug
There are many brands of high-value mugs, but if you want to have a unique mug, you can customize the mug you want by yourself. To make a DIY heat transfer mug, you must first cut the photo printed by the sublimation ink printer to a suitable size. The pattern of the photo depends on your preference. You can choose anime characters, flowers, birds and beasts, or personalized photos, etc. Then stick the photo on the wall of the mug with high temperature tape~ Then put the mug on the mug baking machine, set the time and temperature, and finally remove the transfer paper, so that a beautiful and beautiful DIY mug is made. Up.
Are heat transfer mugs poisonous?
The materials for making heat transfer mugs will go through relevant inspections, and only qualified products can be sold. They will not affect human health. You can use them with confidence and choose regular manufacturers and brands to better ensure quality and safety.

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