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The glaze kinds of ceramic mugs - custom ceramic coffee mug factory

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2022-9-13
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer, The glaze in Chinese characters means oily luster, so the word "oil" is used to express the luster of the surface of the porcelain mug, but because the word "oil" represents food, it was modified by later generations to express the luster of The word "you" in the oiled word is synthesized into the word "glaze".
Glaze is a continuous glassy layer attached to the surface of the ceramic body, or a mixed layer of glass and crystals. The glaze may be produced by the calcium-containing stone and charcoal ash used in ancient stone cooking, or it may be inspired by the beautiful texture of the surface of the shell, and it may be made by intentionally using shell powder as the raw material.

There are many types of glazes. According to the type of body, there are porcelain glaze, pottery glaze and flint glaze; according to the firing temperature, the glaze fired below 1100°C is called low-temperature glaze, and it is fired between 1100°C and 1250°C. The resulting glaze is a medium temperature glaze, and the glaze fired above 1250°C is a high-temperature glaze; according to the characteristics of the glaze, the white glaze is probably due to people's love for silverware, and the color glaze is popular with people because of its colorfulness. The patterns of the glaze are changing and beautiful. The kiln glaze is full of dazzling and beautiful. The cracked glaze is clear and simple, elegant and unique.
In addition to the above, there are matte glazes, opal glazes, salt glazes and so on. The so-called pottery and porcelain refer to the sublimation mug factory made from plastic clay and porcelain stone ore as the matrix, feldspar and quartz and other raw materials to make glaze, and the products are formed, dried and fired, mainly for daily use, art, and architecture Three kinds of pottery.
Archaeological discoveries have proved that the Chinese invented pottery as early as the Neolithic Age (about 8000 BC). The agricultural production that emerged in the late primitive society enabled the Chinese ancestors to lead a relatively fixed life, and objectively there was a demand for pottery. In order to improve the convenience and quality of life, people gradually made pottery by firing clay.

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