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Japanese classic coffee and coffee mug xin xiang mug manufacturer

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-11-24
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,TOKYO
A Film about Coffee is a documentary about coffee in 2015. It tells the story of coffee history, culture and how coffee people help farmers grow coffee in the origin of coffee beans. In the film, there are interviews with legends in the global coffee industry, an explanation of popular coffee making methods, and an introduction to the cultural connotations behind coffee. Part of the film tells about Japanese coffee culture and specialty coffee shops in Tokyo. Among them, Bear Pond Espresso, Little Nap Coffee Stand, Fuglen Tokyo and other coffee shops appear in this documentary. Katsu Tanak, the principal of Bear Pond Espresso, said "Espresso is not a drink. It's kind of drug" and "coffee have to be sexy" are impressive. I have always yearned to personally experience the coffee shops that appeared in these documentaries, and these coffee shops have become the best choice for coffee lovers to visit Tokyo for the first time. Coffee is no longer a drink, looking for coffee has become the ultimate adventure.

Bear Pond Espresso
The pursuit of flavor comes from different cultures and different services depend on the society. There is no good or bad, I think the most important thing is that coffee should be sexy, and the coffee maker should also be sexy. Bear Pond Espresso is a style-oriented cafe, just like the host Katsu Tanak. We need to change something, we need to subvert the traditional coffee. Like a whole new world full of challenges, hopes and ideas. People choose to come to Kitazawa, Tokyo to escape the noisy city and stop to enjoy a mug of coffee in peace.Espresso coffee mug factory

Blue Bottle Coffee (Nakameguro)
In Japan, tea is a traditional way of socializing. Nowadays, cafes have become a new social place and way. It is precisely because of the cultural heritage of tea houses in Japan that Bluebottle first chose Japan as the first market to open outside the United States. Now BlueBottle More than 10 stores have been opened in Japan. In the third wave of specialty coffee, many coffee appliances such as HarioV60, KalitaWave, Kono, flannel filter, and later Origami filter mugs were all from Japan, even if the siphon pot was invented in other countries, it was also acquired widely used. Matsuya-style hand brew is also a major feature of Japanese coffee.

About Life Coffee Brewers
About Life Coffee Brewers created different coffee experience stores for the same owner of Onibus Coffee. The simple design cleverly integrates several square meters of stores and street corners, making them a must-see for Tokyo coffee. Here reflects the flowing breath of life that coffee brings. The coffee is mainly taken outside, and there are also several standing positions for internal use. There are also Italian styles and hand-made items. The location of the shop is like a street charging station. The hanging bicycle rack provided outside the shop provides a place to stop and recharge for the busy people in Tokyo. No matter how busy the work is, stop for a drink. People standing by the door drinking coffee have also accumulated more popularity for this small shop.Sublimation mug supplier

Fuglen Tokyo
Fuglen is a coffee brand from Oslo, Norway, and the only branch outside of Norway. Fuglen Tokyo was once rated as one of the world's most worthwhile specialty coffee shops by the New York Times. There are many Scandinavian style light roasted single-origin coffee beans to choose from, and you can choose the coffee maker when you order: Philharmonic Or KalitaWave. Even when making latte coffee, the barista will inject milk in front of the face, and the amount of milk infusion is stopped at any time by the customer to meet the customer's milk ratio. The sun is just right in the afternoon, and one is hard to find. In addition to coffee, Fuglen also provides special cocktails for guests. As night falls, guests can enjoy a specially-tuned cocktail on the pisces in the store. It is like a sanctuary, another habitat outside of home, where people crowded to chat, relax, and seek caffeine or alcohol.

Onibus Coffee
Onibus Coffee Nakameguro is known as the most beautiful coffee shop in Tokyo. It was transformed from a small wooden building in the garden near the Nakameguro subway station. It is close to the subway track and has a unique location environment that also echoes the name of the store. "ONIBUS" means public bus in Portuguese. It meets passengers like a public bus, gathers people from various fields, and finds links between people through coffee. Give people a mug of coffee that is integrated into their daily lives, adding more human touch.

Little Nap Coffee Stand
Japanese properties and stores are small in size, and many coffee shops are built through residential buildings or remodeling other houses. Sitting against the wall by the window and drinking coffee while standing along the street has become the habit of everyone. Many such small coffee shops have also emerged in neighborhoods such as Daikanyama and Nakameguro. This is also one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the world. The shopkeepers are also craftsmen who pursue the ultimate and have a great personality. In addition to drinking good coffee, you can also feel different cultural custom coffee mug here.

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