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The Story of the mug - Victor Mug China Ceramic Mug Factory

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-11-10
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Mug is not only a common mug shape for modern household tableware, but also a must-have mug for coffee restaurants.
The prototype of the contemporary mug comes from a military-regulated coffee mug commissioned by the U.S. Navy in the 1940s by the Victor Insulator Company.
Victor Insulation Subsidiary has created a modern version of the mug. The mugs currently on the market can be said to be copycat versions of Victor mugs.

The origin of the Victor mug
It is resistant to falling and not easy to break. It is one of the essential functions of the special navy mug signed by the US Victor Insulation subsidiary and the US military.
Coffee has always been the treasure of the American Armed Forces and a necessary drink to inspire morale in the war. However, the needs of coffee mugs in the three services are not the same, mainly because of different usage scenarios.
When the US warship is sailing, the changeable walrus makes the officers walking on the deck hold coffee and need to consider whether the fleet ships can be held firmly when they are shaking.
If you encounter turbulent waves, you should also consider whether the mug placed on the table is easy to fall over, and the mug body will break when it falls to the ground.
When the use of coffee mugs changes from a stable land to a sea life, many functions that are not necessary for land use suddenly become critical and important.
Manufacturing specifications of WWII navy coffee mug
Must have thermal insulation (anti-scalding)
Must have heat preservation ability (insulation)
Resistant to fall, crash, and not easy to break
Good grip (easy to hold and walk on the swaying deck)
Must be able to stop slipping (the mug body is stable and not easy to fall to the ground due to shaking the hull)
The Second World War had a crucial influence on the design and final popularity of the mug. The mug is made according to the military specifications of the US military.
Victor Diner Mug
During World War II, because the United States recruited a large number of militiamen into the battlefield, all naval soldiers who had used the Victor mug were impressed by the Victor mug, which was resistant to fall, crash, heat insulation, and was not easy to overturn.
Despite the end of the war, the returning home of the US military will never forget this Military Regulation mug. In particular, the various characteristics of the Victor mug are particularly attractive to Diner snack canteens where meals are fast and crowded.
Think about the restaurant equipped with such mugs, you don't have to worry about the problem of the waiter accidentally dropping the mug. At the same time, the crowded restaurant tables can easily be bumped by the passing crowd. This Victor mug with a stable center of gravity also prevents the coffee from overturning.
After the Second World War, Victor changed the production line of military-regulated mugs to commercial mugs, which opened in 1946 with great fanfare.
These sturdy and durable Victor mugs are invincible, and they are very popular in commercial market restaurants. Later, almost all the Diner (canteens and road restaurants) in the U.S. urban and rural areas are equipped with this mug.
In this way, the Victor mug has dominated the American food and beverage market for fifty years (1940-1990) with a complete monopoly. Victor's Diner Mug has become the most representative coffee mug design in the old-school American food culture.China ceramic mug factory
The classic Victor mug can hold 6 ounces or 7 ounces of liquid (170~210 ml), which is different from the 350 ml capacity of most modern mugs.

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