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The original coffee paper mug is not recyclable

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-8-21
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Many people throw paper mugs as our domestic garbage in recyclable trash cans. However, according to the Xiamen Medium and Small Platform, our paper mugs are thrown in the wrong way. Friends who often drink coffee and milk tea should know, my coffee The mug is usually divided into three parts, some coffee shops will provide an insulation cover and the paper mug in the middle, and these three parts, some can be recycled, some can not be recycled.

Let’s talk about the lid first. If you find a recyclable logo on the lid, it means it’s recyclable. A tip is that generally black lids are recyclable, and white or transparent plastic lids are generally Not recyclable. The insulation paper sleeves are basically recyclable, let alone the most complicated coffee paper mug part. Many people think that since it is called a paper mug, it must be recycled, but it is not. If it is just a 100% paper mug, of course it can be recycled, but the key lies in the layer of waterproof plastic inside the paper mug, this layer of plastic and the paper mug Glue them tightly together. If 100% separation cannot be achieved and the recycling process is forced, even if only 1% of the plastic remains in it, the 1% melted plastic will contaminate the entire tank of melted pulp. Therefore, whether you throw the paper mugs in the middle layer into recyclable or non-recyclable trash cans, all garbage disposal companies will treat them as non-recyclable. For these non-recyclable garbage, the garbage disposal company has only one solution-buried in the ground.
After the landfill, the paper part needs 10 years to complete degradation, but the plastic needs 30 years to complete the degradation. Our consumption is constantly escalating, but the speed at which waste is produced far exceeds the speed at which we process waste. I dare not imagine what kind of earth our descendants will live in ten years, twenty years, or a hundred years. So when you finish drinking coffee in the future, it may be a little troublesome to throw away the coffee mug in three parts, but if you really spend a few minutes to do this, and insist on doing it every day, you will be better for the environment and The contribution made by future generations is really immeasurable.custom sublimation mug factory

Of course, there is a better way than to reduce garbage, and that is to reject garbage from the source. Now more and more people are starting to bring their own coffee mugs to coffee shops, which is environmentally friendly and saves money. Why not do it? I hope that in the near future, with everyone's constant persistence and hard work, every morning from now on, everyone will tacitly take out their own coffee accompanying mugs from the dishwasher and put them in their bags. Here, go to the coffee shop to buy coffee. Maybe, in the future, a line of personalized mugs on the coffee counter will become a beautiful landscape.

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