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Does the color of ceramic coffee mug affect the taste?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-8-14
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,The most important sensations come from the mouth, such as taste, oral touch (providing information about texture and structure to the brain), and your retro-nasal smell (retro-nasal smell, which is the smell you smell when food is in your mouth) .
External factors (such as mugs and plates) related to the visual images surrounding the coffee put consumers in a certain preset judgment. This is because humans may associate certain colors with certain tastes.
Studies have shown that coffee poured in a blue or transparent (glass) mug has less bitterness and a hint of sweetness than a white mug.

Green coffee mug
Use a green coffee mug when you want to concentrate. Among the five senses, green has the deepest relationship with smell. Use when you are in a bad mood. Able to make judgments objectively. Among the light that humans can see, green has the wavelength that is most easily captured by human eyes, and it is not easy to make eyes tired. At the same time, it has a relaxing effect, so that the eyes and heart can be fully rested.
Pink coffee mug custom
Pink, the content that can heal us and make us more cheerful, is sometimes used as a color to convey feelings, and is an indispensable color in this stressful society. A pink coffee mug can increase the sweetness of coffee.
Blue coffee mug
Looking at the blue coffee mug that makes people calm down, blue is the one that has the deepest relationship with taste among the five senses. Use when nervousness is high. Relax your nerves and easily manage yourself. The most sweet taste is blue.
Yellow coffee mug
It is the yellow coffee mug that can make people energized. While bringing happiness, it is also a color that can make one's mood happy.
Red coffee mug
When tired or discouraged, red has an effect. The excitement brought by red can improve mood and enhance physical and mental energy.

Drinking coffee in a blue mug tastes the sweetest, while a white mug and coffee can better reflect the taste of coffee. Do you know what color mug you should use for coffee this time?

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