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The hottest coffee mugs on Instagram Keepmug,Frank green,Kafe

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-7-27
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Speaking of coffee, I believe it has become an essential "good medicine" for office workers to wake up in the morning and stay up late after working overtime. Therefore, various coffee chain brands can always be found in high-end office buildings. However, after a mug of coffee is consumed, many disposable paper mugs are discarded, which is very environmentally friendly.
I recommend 5 economical, environmentally friendly and high-value coffee accompanying mugs, which are super stylish.

NO.1 Keepmug
Origin: Australia
Capacity: 227ml/340ml/454ml
Produced in Australia, it is the world's first coffee mug that meets the barista standards, and it is also a global reuse plan. Keepmug represents a new way of life, and many people like it not only because the design feels great, but also because Keepmug has developed their positive living habits.
The color of the mug is very rich, which is a bit difficult for students with "difficulty in choosing". Xiaotu is entangled in which color to buy. The fly in the ointment is that the tightness of keepmug is not enough for you to put it in your bag with peace of mind.

No.2 Frank green
Origin: Australia
Capacity: 230ml/340m
Both Frank Green and Keepmug are accompanying mugs in Australia. The body of the mug is frosted and the color is as bright as Keepmug. At the same time, there are more color matching options, as if holding a rainbow in your hand.
Frank Green won the GOOD DESIGN award in 2015. It is completely leak-proof and can be thrown into the bag at will. It has a certain insulation function and is more practical. At the same time, the mug has a double-layer structure and has a good anti-scalding effect. 

No.3 Goat Story Mug Coffee mug
Origin: United States
Capacity: 350ml/470ml
Desnahemisfera, the designer of Goat Mug, took inspiration from it and created this coffee mug with natural materials using goat horns as a prototype. The main body of the Goat Mug croissant mug is made of BPA-free plastic, which has a good insulation function. It can hold 11.2 ounces of beverages. Hot beverages are kept for about two hours.
The outer shell is wrapped with a leather cover to prevent hot drinks from getting hot. It can be used as a coaster when you take it off and put it on the table. This is how the pointed corners stand up. The mug is equipped with two straps of different lengths, the long straps are on the shoulders or hung on the neck, bag, pants.
The reason why Goat Mug is designed in the shape of a horn is not just a gimmick. The shape of the horn helps coffee addicts pour the last drop of coffee in the mug into their mouth and enjoy every bite!

No.4 Kafe in the Box
Origin: Canada
Capacity: 355ml/473ml
Kafe in the Box is a brand product of Precidio, Canada. Environmental protection and friendly treatment of the earth are the primary factors for Precidio's product development. Drinking mouth design: narrow, thin, and curved shape. The touch feeling when drinking a drink is much better than the thick edge. The transparent body can see the content of the drink in the mug, increasing the observability. This coffee mug is stylish and simple, easy to adapt to urban daily aesthetics, and easy to carry, unisex, very suitable for business trips.

No.5 Rivers Sleek
Origin: Japan
Capacity: 350ml/400ml
Rivers Sleek comes from Japan and is also a very popular accompanying mug. The mug cover is uniformly black, and the mug body is mainly in simple monochrome, without any decoration, and a variety of colors are available. Friends who like a little bit can also use stickers on the mug body to decorate. The mug body has a double-layer design, and the heat insulation effect is very good. Even if the hot water is poured into it, it just feels warm and will not be hot at all.
As a companion mug, tightness is the top priority. The tightness of Rivers can be described as perfect: the mug lid can be screwed tightly, the rubber ring is solid, the water outlet buckle is tight, dripping does not leak, the mug is not spilled, and the mug is placed in the bag and taken out without worry. Rivers' new Solid accompanying mug not only inherits Sleek’s simple and classic design, but also has a larger capacity than before. It also adds practical filter elements. If you like it, don’t miss it.

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