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Xinxiang mug manufacturer - how to custom an espresso ceramic mugs?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-7-21

From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Regarding the extraction of espresso, the first thing that comes to mind may be to buy an espresso machine with fresh coffee beans and a suitable coffee mug. An espresso mug is a detail that is usually overlooked, but the size, material, and design of the mug will affect the taste of espresso.

1. Espresso mug-Demitasse mug
Demitasse literally means half a mug in French. Custom espresso coffee mugs generally have a thick wall. In the standard case, they can hold 60g-90g of coffee liquid, which is half the capacity of regular coffee mugs. This is the origin of his name.

In France, Demitasse not only represents the name of the coffee mug, but also represents the Espresso coffee. When you walk into a French cafe and order a mug of Demitasse, the barista will hand you a mug of single-serve concentrate.

2. How to choose the right espresso mug?
Espresso is a unique beverage, so find a suitable container to hold them so that they can release the best aroma and taste.

Regarding the size specifications, first of all, why are espresso mugs small? Because of the size of the mug, it should be the perfect size for holding suitable liquids. Compared with regular coffee, espresso has less liquid, and a single serving is only 30 ml or less. Therefore, a smaller mug can help the coffee preserve the heat aroma, reduce the contact area between the coffee and the air, and slow the coffee oxidation rate. However, the liquid content of espresso is the same as other coffees. In other words, even if the mug is small, espresso still contains the same amount of coffee as a conventional 8-ounce mug, but it has less water, in other words, it is more concentrated.

3. The design of the mug mouth is also very important!
Straight mouth mug: The wall of the mug is vertical to the table top, the coffee entrance is more concentrated, the taste buds directly touch the sweet area and the middle area, and the taste is more balanced.

Wide-mouth mug: The mouth of the mug is relatively large and will expand outwards, so that the coffee can better touch the broader taste buds, allowing your tongue to feel the full flavor of coffee, especially the experience of acid flavor.

4. About the material of the espresso mug

In most cases, a mug of espresso will lose calories quickly, as quickly as a few seconds. Due to the small amount of coffee liquid, heat transfer and volatilization are much faster than a large mug of coffee. Therefore, when choosing an espresso mug, the material is also very important.


Ceramics or other porcelains will be your best choice. This material can effectively help you maintain heat, and its smooth and round material also helps the coffee taste and aroma presentation.


The manufacturing process of the glass is almost free of chemical substances, and the safety is the highest. Users can use it with peace of mind. Its thermal insulation effect is also close to that of ceramic material. The glass mug conducts heat quickly, so it will cool down quickly. Therefore, when we choose the glass material mug, why choose the double-layer glass series, which is not only beautiful and heat-retaining, but also not scalded, and aims to lock the heat.

Stainless Steel
The advantage of all metals is that they are good heat conductors, but for espresso, they cannot lock the heat of coffee very well. However, the "double wall stainless steel espresso mug" developed by new technology can change the taste of espresso. Not only the espresso extracted from the coffee machine, but also coffee made with other extraction methods, such as moka pots, French press pots, etc., will be affected by this material to change the taste.
But no matter what material the coffee mug is, please remember to warm the mug before filling the coffee liquid!

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