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Drinking coffee with nothing but ceramic coffee mugs very important

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-1-28
From Xinxiang China Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,What does a good mug of coffee look like?
Some people think that coffee should be wild, without a little sugar and milk, so that the sour and bitter taste should numb the tip of the tongue and the brain, so as to welcome the sunny morning;
Some people think that coffee should be gentle, pure white milk into the embrace of black coffee, black and white blending into a cup of milk coffee is the solace of the rain;

Some people think that if it is made by a lover, it doesn't matter even if it is instant coffee. This kind of coffee time will definitely be more enjoyable.

Coffee has a character, just like a person, there is no fixed formula. Fu Mei of best cup of coffee is a latte with honey added accidentally. In such a cold north, I was accidentally lost by a cup of bitter coffee with honey.
Just like the Japanese coffee roaster Yuji Shono said: "Coffee making is a free thing! Nothing is the highest style of coffee drinking? There is no such thing! Choosing the way you like is the best Ok."
Before working as a coffee roaster, Shono Yuji was a clerk in a travel company. In 2004, he bought a 5kg coffee roaster during a convulsion, and then started his career as a coffee craftsman.

Coffee cups are generally based on ordinary custom ceramic coffee mugs and high-end bone china cups. Sublimation mugs are suitable for coffee with deep roasting and strong flavor, and bone china cups are suitable for coffee with lighter taste. Porcelain has a light texture, soft color and good heat preservation, which can make the coffee in the cup lower the temperature more slowly, and can better interpret the delicate aroma of coffee, which is suitable for coffee with a lighter taste.

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