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To enjoy coffee, please start with an environmentally friendly ceramic coffee mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2021-1-5
From Xinxiang Custom Ceramic Mug Manufacturers,No one would have imagined that every little mysterious fruit would travel all the way across the ocean and swept the West. Not only did it "get into the house", it became a must-have product for people's home travel, and it was fragrant for more than a thousand years. The history of development "goes hand in hand", and a rich culture has been derived from it.

Why coffee has such a huge magic power?

As a reminder, coffee is a must-have for many people working in the office.
Some people are accustomed to buying a cup of Starbucks coffee on the way to work, or ordering a cup of coffee during breakfast, even KFC has added the freshly ground coffee series to the menu.
If you put coffee on the map of the world, things seem not that simple. If a food wants to be popular worldwide, it must be very inclusive and malleable. Just like the ingredients in pizza can be added or subtracted as you like, the ingredients in sushi can be boldly and innovatively based on the season, and the method of coffee You can also keep exploring from time to time. In a word, no matter how great your curiosity is, a coffee mug can hold it.
And today I want to talk about the coffee mug in my hand! Speaking of coffee mugs, in the past two years, more and more environmentally conscious cafes will offer some "green discounts" to encourage customers to bring their own coffee cups (companion cups) to minimize the waste of disposable cups. This new way of consumption allows us to express a little kindness to the earth while saving money.
There are many brands and styles of accompanying cups on the market. If you have difficulty choosing, you may wish to read today's article. Perhaps my accompanying coffee mug with both functionality and design is a good choice.
About the selection principle of coffee accompanying cup
1. Choose material
2. Size capacity
3. Stability
4. Is it good to clean
Material selection: Generally speaking, the biggest key to keeping the drink delicious depends on its heat preservation and cold preservation effect. In other words, its material selection and design structure play a major role! Moreover, the accompanying cups of certain materials are not suitable for coffee, tea and other beverages, and the odor that is difficult to eliminate will remain after a long time.
Therefore, from the perspective of heat preservation and cold preservation, "stainless steel" and "double glass" are both good choices. But glass is easy to break, so I chose 304 stainless steel.
Size and capacity: We buy the accompanying cup for the convenience of drinking on the way, but not the larger the size, the better. Coffee that is not finished in time will also affect the taste as time goes by. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a volume that you can drink in a short time. For the specific capacity, I recommend the cup in the cafe. The medium cup is about 350ml as a reference. The one in my hand is 330ml, which is almost the same.
Stability: Of course, the accompanying cup is the main thing to carry, especially when we need to go out or exercise for a long time, it is particularly important whether the close-fitting cup is stable and whether the drink inside is not easy to tip over. The lid design of this SOG accompanying coffee mugs is very good, the mouth of the cup is protected and strengthened, and the upper part of the cup body has a good grip and will not fall easily when holding it.
Whether it is good to clean: The accompanying cup is different from the disposable cup. Cleaning is a must, and whether it is good to clean is a consideration. Generally, glass or ceramic materials are recommended. If you are worried about shattering like me, you can choose stainless steel! This type of material is easier to clean. In addition, it is recommended to choose a cup with a larger mouth and easier to remove the mouth, so that it is easier to manage.
At present, a large number of disposable ceramic coffee mug suppliers are abandoned every year around the world, causing a lot of waste. It is said that the UK alone throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year, "enough to go around the earth five and a half times." Let us start today, say goodbye to disposable coffee mugs, and buy coffee with your own cup. This is exactly our small act of kindness to the earth.

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