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Does coffee have these effects on our body with customized ceramic mug?

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2020-12-29
From Xinxiang Custom Mug Manufacturers,Does coffee have these effects on our body?
Contemporary young people need coffee to hang themselves while studying at work, and milk tea to continue their lives after get off work. Both coffee and milk tea contain caffeine, and there may be more caffeine in milk tea than coffee!

However, in addition to coffee and milk tea, many things in our lives also contain caffeine. So what effect does caffeine have on our health?

Benefits of caffeine
1. Concentrate
This should be the well-known benefit of caffeine. Many refreshing beverages contain caffeine. This is also the main reason why people drink coffee. Caffeine can prevent the adenosine receptors in the brain from accepting adenosine, thus allowing the brain to stay awake, concentrate, and relieve fatigue. And drinking coffee regularly can also prevent dementia.

2. Contraction of skin blood vessels
Studies have shown that within one hour of ingesting caffeine, the blood vessels of the skin will contract significantly, which may also explain why caffeine-containing skin care products appear. But the research is that oral skin care products are used externally, so will they have the same effect?
If caffeine-added skin care products can really improve the dark circles and edema of staying up late, it is because caffeine shrinks the blood vessels around the eyes and reduces the dark circles around the eyes caused by blood stasis. It is pale, and the tissue fluid that the blood penetrates through the blood vessels is also reduced, thereby improving the symptoms of ocular edema.
But this theory is based on our inference on the oral phenomenon of caffeine. Whether it is true or not requires experimentation to prove it! But we can get rid of dark circles while drinking coffee to get rid of our difficulties. It really kills two birds with one stone!

3. Anti-aging and whitening
According to research, caffeine can also activate autophagy through a series of complex signal pathways (A2AR/SIRT3/AMPK pathway), strengthen the ability of cells to clean up metabolic waste, and ultimately delay cellular senescence caused by oxidative stress.
There is also a saying that caffeine can also inhibit collagenase, elastase and tyrosinase, which can reduce the degradation of collagen and elastin and delay the pace of skin aging.
It is well known that tyrosinase is one of the important substances in the formation of melanin, so caffeine has an inhibitory effect on tyrosinase, which means that caffeine has the ability to inhibit the formation of melanin, just like many whitening products we know The whitening effect is also achieved by inhibiting the formation of melanin.
However, skin care products can only act on the surface layer of the skin and cannot reach the dermis layer of the skin. Therefore, it is basically impossible to achieve the desired effect by relying on skin care products. Therefore, the little fairies who love beauty should pay attention to rational consumption when consuming!

4. Reduce the incidence of skin tumors
In an article published in JAMA Dermatology, an analysis and observation of the incidence of skin cancer in 63257 people after drinking coffee concluded that a daily intake of more than 400 mg of caffeine can help reduce non-melanoma skin cancer The incidence rate. Moreover, according to existing research, it is inferred that this should be related to the effects of caffeine on anti-inflammatory and inhibiting oxidative damage.

5. Aid to lose weight
It should be a well-known fact that caffeine can help people lose weight. The principle is that caffeine can enhance the body's metabolism and energy consumption, which means that the body consumes more energy in the same time. In addition to increasing the metabolic rate, caffeine is also believed to promote fat oxidation and accelerate fat metabolism, thereby assisting weight loss.

6. Let the brain release dopamine
For many people who need to go to work and study, a cup of coffee in the morning is the beginning of the day. Some people will even say that without coffee, their ability to interact with other people will be affected. This phenomenon is scientifically based. Drinking coffee will promote the release of dopamine in the brain, which will have a positive impact on human cognitive ability.
The caffeine in coffee acts on the pre-frontal cortex, which involves cognitive behavior, complex planning, decision-making, and overall personality expression. So drinking coffee can actually help people think better.
On this point, Balzac should be the person with the most say. He has drunk about 47 cups of coffee a day for 25 years, and the reason he drinks so much coffee is that he needs to maintain a state of vigor and continuous creative inspiration, and coffee can just stimulate the secretion of dopamine to the state he wants. But we can't drink coffee like Balzac to keep in shape. After all, the principle of right amount can not only bring us a happy mood, but also bring us health.

7. Improve hormonal hair loss
Hair loss has always been a pain in the hearts of many people. I still remember that the sales volume of double eleven wigs was searched on Weibo last year. At present, there have been studies to observe whether shampoos with caffeine have anti-hair loss effects and observe The results show that the caffeine-containing shampoo still has a certain anti-dropping effect! But the strength of evidence for these results is limited. Minoxidil (drug) is currently the first choice for people with hair loss on the market.
Disadvantages of caffeine
When caffeine is consumed for a long time or in large doses (>400 mg per day), the body may experience the following discomforts:
Gastrointestinal discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and cramps, etc.
Mental and nervous system: mental confusion, anxiety, depression, nervousness, irritability and nervous feelings, etc.
Cardiovascular: increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and heartbeat. Studies have also found that caffeine can cause arteriosclerosis in patients with hypertension.
Endocrine: Excessive consumption of caffeine can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity. This mechanism causes an increase in serum adrenaline levels.
Caffeine and pregnant women: Studies have found that large amounts of caffeine during pregnancy may cause miscarriage. In addition, caffeine can induce placental blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood flow. Caffeine may also directly affect the development of infant cells when it crosses the placenta.
Someone will leave a message in the background saying that they are prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea after drinking coffee. The more likely cause of this symptom is lactose intolerance. If this is the case, it is recommended to have this Friends with symptoms can try black coffee.
Some people say that they feel heart palpitations after drinking coffee, so they ask if coffee is bad for the heart and cardiovascular system. But in fact, caffeine is at risk only when you drink a lot of coffee, or you have heart disease. If you are healthy, drinking coffee in moderation is no problem.

For the cardiovascular system, although the intake of caffeine will cause the blood vessels to contract temporarily, increase the blood pressure and increase the heart rate, this effect will not last too long. Some researchers take half of the caffeine intake. The heart rate and blood pressure of the ingested person were measured at hour and 1 hour respectively, and it was found that there was no difference from the normal person.

How to choose the right ceramic espresso mugs?
Espresso is a unique beverage, so find a suitable container to hold them so that they can release the best aroma and taste.
Regarding the size specifications, first of all, why are espresso cups small? Because of the size of the cup, it should be the perfect size for holding suitable liquids. Compared with regular coffee, espresso has less liquid, and a single serving is only 30 ml or less. Therefore, a smaller mug can help the coffee preserve the heat aroma, reduce the contact area between the coffee and the air, and slow the coffee oxidation rate. However, the liquid content of espresso is the same as other coffees. In other words, even if the ceramic mug manufacturers is small, espresso still contains the same amount of coffee as a conventional 8-ounce cup, but it has less water, in other words, it is more concentrated.

A coin has two sides, and everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so everything must be done in moderation. Regarding caffeine intake, experts suggest that the daily caffeine intake of normal adults should not exceed 400 mg, and pregnant women should not exceed 300 mg.

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