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Cope with the international market situation hope to catch

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
While some large companies willing to separate the respondent,wholesale Disney ceramic mugs but many of the respondent able to separate the small and medium enterprises want to take the lead in government and industry associations to do the collective "no harm defense." Therefore, most enterprises, especially SMEs, trade associations tend to take a ride, as no damage defense, once the proof of export products to the EU industry does not cause damage, you can remove any anti-dumping measures.

Foreign business executives and many said: "Over the years, including Turkey, Thailand, India and other countries including, China's ceramics industry to do at every turn on the anti-dumping cases, seriously affect the company's survival. Hope that a strong industry association to protect the enterprise legitimate interests. "The EU anti-dumping rules for corporate deeply feel the importance of the Association. China ceramic tile in the European Union formally opened the occasion of anti-dumping investigations, June 8, Foshan Ceramics and business associations that deal with the spontaneous composition of ACC. After the formal filing, June 22, China Ceramic Industrial Association, China CCCMC held in Foshan, responding quickly and Coordination, introduced the basic situation of the case and the EU anti-dumping laws and physical procedures. Although the ceramic industry associations have been efforts to organize enterprises to participate in responding, but industry sources said, China Ceramic Industry Association, strong enough, do Shangqie not mature enough.

Reflections: anti-dumping cases has occurred since ceramic enterprises in China need to upgrade

Foshan Ceramic Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Yanbin Aston Goff said there was no competitive advantage can only be in the hands of enterprises often develop Africa, South America and other new export markets, but if it is at a low price as a means, then there is no guarantee there will be a new round of anti-dumping, to the market getting smaller and smaller, we can only disappear. Therefore, China's ceramic industry is facing the biggest EU anti-dumping cases, let the Chinese ceramics enterprises have their own reasons for thinking. custom ceramic sublimation mugs

Although in recent years, big brand companies have been doing ceramics production capacity of structural adjustment, such as new sources and a number of brands represented, in addition to improving their own product research and development strengths, but also to reduce dependence on exports. It is understood a number of brands, exports were only 20% or less, the European Union in its proportion of total exports or even less than 10%. In Foshan, a number of small and medium export rate of more than 40%, and exports in Europe as the main object.

Chen Yanbin that the frequent anti-dumping investigations, from a deep level of reflection from the ceramic enterprises to speed up the "China" to "Made in China" and even "Chinese wisdom made" change. The China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Vice President, Secretary-General has said Miao Bin, a few years ago to the Ministry of Commerce to the National Development and Reform Commission and the ceramic industry is the proposed resource-based, energy-based industry, from the long-term national interests, not in favor of China large exports of ceramics, in particular a large number of low-cost exports. Can be seen, the ceramic industry to upgrade imminent, to all ceramic enterprises face barriers to technological innovation and upgrading of the proposed new requirements.
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