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Ceramic enterprises responding to anti-dumping carry the banner of national integrity

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
Foreign film and television custom ceramic mug with logo work before there was ridicule "Made in China": born poor girl to vanity often buy cheap knockoff, and once she accidentally lost her

handbag to buy the cottage style. Just turned around and found that collapse around a modern girl with the handbag section, suspicious of the modern girl stole her

handbag. The modern girl rather scornful tone, deliberately open the bag, above the famous sign impressively printed "NotMadeinchina". Ironically, so explicit, so that

viewing of the Chinese people face while hot.

Ceramics industry has recently encountered a burning reality. European Union launched the biggest in 10 years of anti-dumping, more than 300 companies involved, 75% of

Foshan enterprises, other areas are also involved. In this unprecedented anti-dumping cases before the ceramic enterprises in China have changed their attitude of

indifference whether, stand out from the day of receipt of the notice filing, the ceramic enterprises involved in associations, lawyers should help to understand v.

details of the problem. Foshan, Guangdong Zibo, Shandong, Jiangxi Jingdezhen several major producing areas of the enterprises have expressed the hope that the Ministry

of Commerce and with the help of relevant industry associations, and actively responding to the anti-dumping to minimize the loss, Dongpeng tiles, ceramic unity other

enterprises have been in action. sublimation blanks mug ceramic

Despite the drop in price is the amount of liters of the European Union the main cause of anti-dumping investigation, but the strong market penetration of Chinese

products have come out to destabilize our lung power; despite the "Made in China" also lack of innovation, but the EU's double in international trade standards we

indignation. Attack became the obvious choice, since anti-dumping about national integrity, the question of national interests, but also about business survival.

We firmly believe that the support and solidarity with the parties, the Chinese ceramic enterprises involved to win the victory belongs to them, but also hope that all

Chinese ceramic enterprises to gain experience and lessons learned from, and take the road of independent innovation, and take the brand. Let Chinese ceramics with a

capital chasing, so that China really become a great power by the ceramic ceramic power, so that our ceramic products to become the world market leader. We firmly

believe that if they work hard, this day is not far away.
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