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China ceramic coffee mugs in Expo 2019

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-10-8
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,World Expo was founded in 1851 in London, England. At that time, China is still far away from the world, and in the west, China is only a very distant and vague image. The panorama of the first World Expo truly and vividly recorded the grand occasion at that time. In the middle part of the picture, there is a small plaque clearly marking the word "CHINA". The picture under the plaque is the exhibition of the Chinese exhibition room. Since the Chinese government was not involved, the exhibition hall was built by British business people, and the exhibits were also provided by them. Chinese ceramics first appeared in Hon Deng Tai after the Englishmen went on their way, and since then, China ceramic coffee mugs have played an important role in China.

In 1873, the fifth session was held near the Danube River. In the exhibition hall of China, all kinds of exquisite ceramics have aroused great interest of the western public. However, there are no oriental faces in the Chinese delegations of these ceramics, all of them are foreign employees of the Chinese customs. This "strange" Scene recurred in several subsequent sessions and lasted until the early twentieth Century.

In 1904, the US government formally joined the government in the official form. The exhibits are mainly ceramics, jades, silks and so on. Zhang Jian, who was Minister of agriculture and Commerce in 1915, was meticulously organized and actively prepared to take up the attitude of learning foreign countries and revitalizing the industry. A total of 1218 medals were awarded to China's exhibits.

Over the past hundred years, the exhibition has evolved from a display of fine arts and traditional handicrafts to a comprehensive exhibition of science, technology and industrial technology. For Chinese ceramics, along with the prosperity of national sports, the magnificent turn from traditional technology to modern technology has also been achieved. The exhibition was on display until today. The ceramic is pushed onto the stage, and the ceramic is no longer a traditional process, but a perfect crystallization of modern technology and aesthetic significance. Many foreign venues also use Chinese ceramics. For example, the 10 million hexagonal ceramics of the red and white walls of the pavilion are all Made in China. For designers, the use of these China ceramic cups to represent a national pavilion is a tribute to modern Chinese ceramics.

Looking back on the way, it's green and green. For more than 100 years, ceramics are not the original ceramics, nor is China the then China.
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