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Ceramic mugs have become the mainstream of consumer goods

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-9-30
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,With the steady improvement of people's living standards at home, after art ceramics, architectural ceramics and sanitary ceramics, tea sets, ceramic mugs and other domestic ceramics are gradually becoming the mainstream of consumption in China.

In China, in the coming decades, the development of urban and rural areas will be accelerated, people's living standards will be improved in an all-round way, the goal of a well-off society will be achieved, and people's demand for ceramics will be increasing, and daily ceramics will be more and more valuable for collection. With the improvement of people's demand for quality of life, the demand for tea sets, tableware and other ceramics also tends to be personalized. Daily-used ceramics are becoming more and more popular, and they are constantly updating and replacing in the absorption of national folk culture. At present, the demand for special ceramics such as weddings, festivals and hotels has been booming.

With the integration of the world economy, a large number of foreign ceramic products began to enter, and gradually formed a market pattern of foreign products mainly consisting of middle and high-grade ceramics, and China mainly consisting of middle and low-grade products. Chen Si, the initiator of the New Ceramic Culture Research and Development Center and chairman of Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd., said that high-grade daily-use ceramics have strict requirements on ceramic technology, technology and design. Unlike pure Appreciation-Based art ceramics, daily-use ceramics are integrated with appreciation and application. Chinese enterprises should inherit and transmit them. On the basis of traditional ceramic culture, ceramic culture is interpreted with brand-new ideas to integrate modern aesthetic elements and adapt to modern social fashion and life interest.

Experts say that although China is the birthplace of ceramics, it lags behind Europe in research and development, production and brand promotion of domestic ceramics products. Brand awareness is not strong, ceramic connotation is weak, lack of cultural support.

China is a big producer of ceramic cups in the world. The output of custom ceramic coffee mugs has ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years. In recent years, ceramic industry is at the crossroads of development due to the sharp rise in raw material and oil prices, and the frequent obstacles of anti-dumping and technical barriers to export.
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