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Ceramic mugs stainless steel cup glass cup for Microwave Oven

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-6-10
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Now the microwave oven has entered millions of households and become a necessary kitchen helper, which brings great convenience to our life. However, many people are not very clear or misunderstanding about many related problems in actual use. What ingredients are suitable for microwave cooking? When cooking in a microwave oven, what kind of cutlery is the safest?

Dong Jinshi, vice president and secretary-general of the International Food Packaging Association, said in an interview with reporters that any material has a certain range of safe use. Containers that can hold food at room temperature may not necessarily be used in microwave ovens at high temperatures. When cooking in microwave oven, we should use tableware reasonably according to the characteristics of different materials, preferably glass or white ceramic mugs.

Glass material itself comes from nature. After high temperature, harmful substances have evaporated. It has high safety, high temperature resistance and good thermal conductivity, so it is suitable for microwave oven cooking.

Ceramic coffee mugs custom have a wide range of applications, acid, alkali, oil, high temperature, low temperature, high safety, and can be used in microwave cooking. However, it should be noted that the paint on the color ceramic cups may contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. According to the different decoration methods, ceramic cups can be divided into three types: glaze color, under-glaze color and in-glaze color. Underglaze and in-glaze colors are painted under the enamel. They are relatively safe because they do not contact food directly. The glazed ceramics are coated on the surface of the ceramics, which are in direct contact with food. The harmful substances lead and cadmium dissolve into food and enter the human body with food. If consumers can not clearly judge the glaze type of the ceramic cup, for safety, it is better to choose the ceramic container with white and colorless pattern inside.

Improper use of stainless steel tableware endangers human health

Nowadays, many consumers are very fond of stainless steel cups and tableware. Because their metal properties are good, they are more resistant to rust than other metals, and the made utensils are beautiful and durable, so they are more and more used to make kitchen utensils. However, stainless steel is made by adding some other trace elements into ferrochromium alloy. If improperly used, the trace metal elements will accumulate slowly in the human body. When reaching a certain limit, it will endanger human health. Here, experts remind consumers that when using stainless steel cups and tableware, they must pay attention to the following four points.

First, salt, soy sauce and hot soup should not be stored for a long time, because these foods contain many electrolytes. If stored for a long time, stainless steel, like other metals, will react with these electrolytes electrochemically to precipitate harmful metal elements.

Second, do not wash stainless steel tableware with strong alkaline or oxidizing chemicals such as soda powder, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite, etc. Because these substances are electrolytes, they will react with stainless steel chemically and produce substances harmful to human body.

Third, we should not use stainless steel utensils to boil Chinese medicine. Because traditional Chinese medicine contains many alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, especially under heating conditions, it is difficult to avoid chemical reactions with them, and make drugs ineffective, and even produce some more toxic compounds.

Fourth, do not keep strong acidic food (such as melons, fruits, vegetables, soybeans, potatoes) for a long time in order to prevent the dissolution of chromium, nickel, and other metal elements.
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