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Coloured ceramic mugs and lead and mercury

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-6-15
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,Recently, in some supermarkets and furniture stores, it has been found that various kinds of color ceramic cups on the shelves are very popular with consumers. In the tableware area, the reporter saw that the colorful ceramic bowls, dishes, cups and plates attracted many consumers'favor, and those tableware with bright colors and cute cartoon patterns or exquisite flower patterns won people's favor. But the relevant professionals remind consumers that they should be cautious in choosing and purchasing colorful tableware.

As we all know, tableware is everybody's daily necessarily household goods, and many people in order to enhance the interest of life, they currently show great enthusiasm for those personalized household goods, and color porcelain tableware because of its bright color, bright and good surface gloss, etc., has also been favored by the majority of consumers. However, behind this bright beauty, some color ceramic tableware of poor quality may also become one of the killers of human health. According to the survey results, some ceramic cup inner glaze contains lead, mercury, radium, cadmium and other elements are harmful to human health. When using unqualified ceramic cups, these harmful substances will dissolve and enter the human body with food for a long time, which is easy to endanger human health. Therefore, people concerned remind consumers to be cautious when choosing colored ceramic tableware and not to buy ceramic coffee cups with too bright inner wall color.
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