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Selection and Health of Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2019-2-17
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,People often say that "food is the heaven for the people." So eating and drinking are very important parts of life. Whether you eat or drink, you can't live without cups, bowls and plates. The use of ceramic cups has a long history, and ceramic tableware is now the most widely used tableware in the world. So, what is the relationship between the selection of ceramic cups and health?

There are many kinds and styles of ceramic mugs. Colorful tableware not only meets people's needs of life, but also provides people with visual sensory feast. Ceramic cups can be generally divided into white porcelain, glaze color, glaze color, under-glaze color, color glaze and so on.

The enamel color ceramics are made of flower paper pasted on the glaze or painted directly on the surface of the product with pigments, and then baked at low temperature. Because the baking temperature can not reach the melting degree of the glaze, the flower surface can not sink into the glaze. Touch the glazed ceramics with your hands, and you will feel that the surface of the flower has a distinct concave and convex feeling.

The roasting temperature of the glazed color ceramics can melt the glaze, the pigments can sink into the glaze and be covered by the glaze layer after cooling. The surface of the products is smooth and the touch has no obvious concave and convex feeling.

Subglaze color ceramics are all decorated on the ceramic body. After glazing, they are fired at high temperature once. The flower surface is covered by glaze layer, which looks bright, smooth and smooth.

Because of different dietary habits, food is sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty and full of five flavors. So how to choose the right dishware to hold these foods? Experts point out that lead compounds in glazed ceramics can be leached by acid. When food is in contact with the picture, lead may be leached by organic acid in food. Of course, if the design of glaze color is reasonable and the barbecue technology is appropriate, it can avoid excessive lead. If there are harmful ingredients in ceramics, they may overflow at 600 ~800 ~C. Therefore, when people use microwave oven, it is better to put white tire bowl or under-glaze color bowl. In contrast, the current market sales of underglaze colors, underglaze colors and white porcelain do not contain lead, relatively safe.
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