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Method of identifying porcelain mug

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers    
From Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturer,There is a "four-character formula" for the identification of porcelain mug, namely "see", "listen", "compare" and "try".

"Look" is to observe the porcelain mug from top to bottom, inside and outside. To see whether the glaze of porcelain mug is smooth and lubricated, whether there are scratches, holes, black spots and bubbles; to see whether the shape is regular or not, whether there is deformation; to see whether there is no defect in the picture; to see whether the bottom is flat or not, it must be placed smoothly and without burrs.

"Listen" is to listen to the sound of tapping on porcelain mug. If the voice is crisp and pleasant, it shows that the ceramic tire is fine and compact, without cracks, and when fired at high temperature, the porcelain mug is completely melted. If the voice is hoarse, it can be concluded that the ceramic body is cracked, or the porcelain mug is incomplete. This kind of porcelain mug is easy to crack due to the change of heat and cold.

"Bi" means comparison. For matching ceramics, we should compare the accessories to see whether the shape and picture decoration are in harmony. Especially complete sets of blue and white or blue and white exquisite porcelain mugs, because the color of blue and white changes with the firing temperature, so the same blue and white porcelains, the color is dark or light, a set of several or even dozens of pieces of complete sets of cold porcelains, such as each blue and white color has obvious differences, this set of porcelains is greatly inferior.

"Trial" means test cover, test assembly and test. Some chinaware has a lid, and some chinaware is composed of several components. When selecting chinaware, don't forget to cover the lid and assemble the components to see if it is suitable. In addition, some porcelains have special functions, such as dripping Guanyin, which drips automatically; Kowloon Fair Cup, when the wine is filled to a certain position, will leak all light. So we need to test it to see if its function is normal.

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