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Zero-tariff exports of ceramic enterprises must meet the three conditions of ASEAN

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
China - ASEAN Free Trade Area,wholesale Nestle ceramic mugs China and Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, six old ASEAN member countries will implement ninety-three% more of the ordinary zero-tariff products. Yunnan Province, Deputy Director of Inspection and Quarantine Inspection Service Fan Kam explained in detail here today after the completion of the FTA, China's exports to ASEAN countries, how the product can enjoy zero tariff treatment.

Fan Jin introduced the products exported to ASEAN countries as long as one of the following conditions can enjoy zero-tariff treatment:

First, the product is fully originated in China

Second, from non-China - ASEAN Free Trade Area members of the value of total exports of raw materials does not exceed sixty percent in value

Third, from non-China - ASEAN Free Trade Area member countries through the full processing of raw materials, the products obtained after

And one of the above conditions to meet the export products should also be in transit are not subject to any non-ASEAN Free Trade Area member state or on the way through the non-Chinese - ASEAN Free Trade Area member state, regardless of whether the country of destination or for temporary storage (loading, unloading or other to keep them in good condition other than the treatment), the product in these countries without any other operations. "The goods meet the above conditions, shall be located in the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine authorities around the application for the issue of China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff certificate of origin. Hold the certificate by giving importing countries the customs import tariff reduction Treatment. "

Geographical position, Yunnan is the bridgehead between China and ASEAN trade, but exports of Yunnan was not fully enjoy the importing country's tariff preferences. Statistics show up in Yunnan, the record entry and exit inspection and quarantine of import and export enterprises two thousand three hundred and apply for a certificate of origin for the record companies less than one third. Fan Jin said this, most of the export ceramic enterprises preferential tariff did not apply for the certificate of origin issued many preferential policies for import and export enterprises do not know this, especially some small and medium enterprises and the border trade business. Some export products that contain non-imported raw materials not made in China products are of Chinese origin can not obtain a certificate of origin, so that a large number of export products importing countries to give up the enjoyment of the ASEAN tariff reduction treatment. "Exporters should be to reduce product costs, increase exports in international market competitiveness and expand exports to the initiative to use the angle of zero-tariff policy." custom china ceramic coffee mugs

From the Yunnan Provincial Department of Commerce statistics show that the first ten months last year, trade between Yunnan and ASEAN to achieve substantial improvement of bilateral trade volume to achieve a total of $ 2,430,000,000, an increase of 5.3% .
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