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Two strokes ceramics export: to avoid barriers to adhere to the transfer of foreign brands to control pricing

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2016-3-7
The third day of the first phase of the Canton Fair custom ceramic reusable coffee mugs, the foreign flow of people from around the world increased significantly, many companies the sales staff from day one hall to wait into the busy negotiations. But Foshan ceramics, aluminum building materials enterprises, by the "anti-dumping" of suppression, the figure stands on the European and American businessmen are particularly scarce, Foshan exhibitors come up with a variety of countermeasures to minimize trade losses.

European building materials prices

Pavilion B at the Fair Pavilion building decoration products, focusing more advantage of Foshan ceramics, aluminum companies. If two years ago, the Canton Fair received more of a ceramic enterprises with white skin, European and American people speak pure English, and now look at ceramics are mostly yellow or black people.

"This year we are not high expectations for the Canton Fair, our partners in Europe to take orders decreased a lot." Dongpeng Hung Huang Jiang, director of export department, told reporters the European market downturn coupled with the European Union, launched in June this year, China Ceramics anti-dumping, so that the domestic ceramic companies in the European market exports declining rapidly. wholesale color changing mugs

And by the recent appreciation of the RMB price increases contrast, European countries like Italy, Spain, the price of ceramic ceramic enterprises are currently in decline. New Pearl, the Mona Lisa and other enterprises that inventory pressures forced the European ceramic enterprises, ceramic products to price-cutting strategy. It is reported that, in addition to EU anti-dumping ceramic, China, Thailand began in the early ceramic anti-dumping and anti-dumping review of Korea's ceramics are the result unpredictable.

Interim foreign "to avoid" barriers persist in its own brand to control the pricing

Despite the financial crisis, China's building materials industries frequent anti-dumping cases, domestic enterprises to actively respond to various sorts of ways. This reporter learned that, in addition to exploring new markets by reducing the impact of anti-dumping, many in foreign aluminum companies are trying to "transfer." Show an aluminum company said that at present they are in Malaysia, Singapore and other places to find an agent or company to do the establishment of a channel, and then go to the United States and other countries in, in order to avoid trade barriers.

"The exchange rate and the occurrence of anti-dumping is not until this year, the enterprise from their own brands and international marketing channels to find a way." Mona Lisa Ceramics Ye Xiaodong, general manager in charge of export business, told reporters that the Mona Lisa has always insisted on the market in Europe to export its own brand, not because of lower prices and give up easily dealer pricing.

New Pearl John Lee Vice President International Trade Department, told reporters that the new Pearl is currently in various exporting countries began to try to "exclusive agency" model, rather than the original OEM or simple orders. To obtain exclusive rights to the foreign agent must have some strength conditions, the company given product prices, "concessions", branding funding support.

Fought in emerging markets by the European and American markets

European and American market may be in a prolonged slump in the situation, building materials companies are turning to emerging markets.

"We have been in South America this year signed a 4,5 million U.S. dollars of orders." Ye Xiaodong told reporters that Brazil will be held due to World Cup Soccer 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games, a huge demand for building materials products.

Similarly, Winto Ceramics Co., Ltd., said Xie Jun, general manager, ASEAN, Middle East countries to become the engine of growth Hongyu orders this year, 1 to 9 months, Hongyu Ceramics exports are still double-digit growth.

The troubled by the anti-dumping phoenix aluminum exports have gradually shifted the Middle East, Africa; in Asia, Russia, the U.S. aluminum-based firm is "lucky" to avoid the U.S. anti-dumping effect of the first 10 months of this year, the company's exports are still to achieve the desired objectives. 3d ceramic mug manufacturers

French merchants to seek hospital suffering for ceramic

Fair exhibitors this year are hard to find European and American businessmen that figure, but Mr. Marker from France with a "2 million square meters of ceramic Order" around Canton, but can not find ceramic meet his requirements. Exhibition hall in the Mona Lisa, Mark, told reporters through an interpreter, he want to buy the ceramic is a hospital supply, requiring products to be color and comfortable, to meet certain specifications. As the Italian manufacturers out of stock, he had to come to China to take a look. "Only the level of Foshan ceramics and Italy, close to the process, but here we have not met the right day." Mark told reporters through an interpreter
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