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Our World Cups wholesale The history of Tangshan bone china

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The English name of bone china is "BoneChina". It uses animal bone meal (ash) and quartz as raw materials. It needs to be fired twice at high temperature and low temperature glaze firing. The addition of animal bone meal makes this porcelain more rigid and translucent, but the greater the bone content, the more likely it is to burn during the production process, thus creating the rare and precious early bone china. For a long time, this kind of ceramic treasure has been regarded as a noble product, especially the beautiful and unique hand-painted bone china, which reflects the humanistic customs on the porcelain plate painting. It is deeply loved by the British royal family and has been listed as a leader for summit meetings in many countries tableware.
Bone china was first produced in the United Kingdom. According to records, around 1800, the British Thomas Frye accidentally mixed animal ashes in the manufacturing process and dramatically invented bone china. For more than 200 years, bone china has gradually developed into a world ceramic treasure through the hands of generations of master craftsmen.

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