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How to Custom Colored handle Ceramic Mugs

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Colored handle Ceramic Mug.

White mug with colored handle ceramic mug is a perfect choice for gift. OEM is welcomed.

Bone china was originally called bone powder china, referred to as bone china. The so-called bone china is china clay made of bone meal and quartz, which is light in texture and creamy white. Put the porcelain under the light to make it faint and transparent. Bone china is made with animal bone meal. The internationally recognized bone meal content is between 43%-45% and is called fine bone china (FINE BONE CHINA).

Bone meal uses cattle, sheep, pork bones, etc... cattle bones are preferred. This component can increase the hardness and transmittance of porcelain, and the strength is higher than that of ordinary porcelain, so it can be thinner than ordinary porcelain. The greater the bone content, the easier it is to burn during the production process, so the more expensive the finished product. The finished bone china is light in texture, dense and hard (twice that of daily-use porcelain), is not easy to wear and break, has moderate light transmittance and heat preservation, and the color is the natural milky white unique to natural bone meal.

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