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The Process of Making Ceramic Mug Printing

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2018-3-12

The Process of Making Ceramic Mug Wholesale Printing

It takes several steps to complete a Mug's decal printing.

The first step, the decal printing. Popular point decal is a thin membrane, professional point called PVB film, in the decal to printing Mug design, this is printing decal process, is also the premise of baking mugs.

The second step, the applique paper. Decal is exquisite, color to very smooth and complete affixed to the mug, with no bubbles, with printed pattern part cannot have a fold, otherwise the mugs in the high temperature bake when the decal are prone to popping (i.e. printed part spent).

Third step, roast decal. After completion of the mug will be pasted decals, decal mug in the kiln with high temperature roasting. The key lies in the baking temperature, the temperature is affected by the color color, ceramic mug material control. That is to say, different colors need different temperatures to be baked in order to make better products. If the temperature is lower than the temperature required by the color, then the printed pattern is not glossy and the color is not bright. If the temperature is higher than the temperature required by the color, the print color will become pale and even white, even without printing. At the same time, the ceramic mug material will also affect the baking temperature, baking temperature because flowers to just make the glaze ceramic mug began to melt, then the ceramic decal color agent can seep into the glaze inside, wait for the product after cooling, and the color of ceramic mug as a whole, so that the ceramic mug will not fade the purpose of.

The ceramic mug finished the roast flower and completed the whole process of the printing pattern. But the need is whether the film decal or printed on the film on all kinds of pigments are non-toxic.

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