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One-time coffee cup is to be taxed! Do not afraid to bring your own coffee cup

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2018-2-27

One-time coffee cup is to be taxed! Do not afraid to bring your own Custom disney coffee mugs

The coffee party was shaking, and the British MPs started proposing to increase the "latte tax" and hand down the coffee cup. After buying coffee later, it is expected to be a little upset.

What is the "latte tax"? It turned out that the British environmental audit committee hoped to improve the difficult recovery of disposable coffee cups by collecting taxes. Because the UK has to throw away 2.5 billion one-time coffee cups every year, which is enough to surround the earth for 5.5 times, it really affects the environment! If the full recovery of the one-time coffee cup is still not possible by 2023, the one-time cups must be completely banned.

Starbucks and Costa have come out to say they want to respond to the call. The Starbucks paper cups are charged for each 5p. As one of the leaders of the head of the world, the cafes around the world are also following the wind, and they are going to increase their prices in disguise. For example, the cafe at the bottom of our downstairs is trying to make a reference to the market price of a takeout lunch box and plan to collect 1 yuan for a paper cup. This makes the office building terrified every day on the coffee - continuing little partner.

By contrast, the small partners in our office are much more open-minded. What are you afraid of? A disposable paper cup should be charged. Do you have to take a cup with you? To tell the truth, I thought they were playing at the beginning. But after BOSS announced that they had worked overtime tonight, they rushed to the downstairs coffee shop with their own cups.

"Boss, a cup of latte!" The cups were arranged on the table, and the boss and the shop assistant were stunned. Don't believe it. Look at those coffee cups:

Common style: close to life, can be used well, ordinary way is the original color ~

Literary and artistic youth: the poet's temperament, you deserve to have ~

Nostalgic money: a red heart to the sun, love the country love the party ~

Middle aged people's style: not only can blister wolfberry, but also drink coffee, keeping a refreshing two.

Although the style of the coffee cup is very different, the actual action of the partners is still worth encouraging. Do not use a one-time coffee cups, both to protect the environment, and save money, why not? So, the coffee party, let's take our own cup and drink coffee.

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