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A White Porcelain Tea Things Better wholesale from China

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-11-14

A White Porcelain Mugs,Tea Things Better.

"The Legendary Swordsman" in a chapter on a progenitor wine, he must pay attention to wine;  drink what wine, then what wine.

Drink when used to increase the Fen Yubei, wine; outside the liquor, it is best to use horn cup and drink wine, to gain the fragrance of utility; Wine with luminous cup, heroic, a mind free; sorghum wine must use the bronze wine cup, beginning with the old; when using large rice wine drink, drink wine party spirit; paraquat must use furuto cup, more fragrant gas.

And said that tea drinking wine should speak, but also about the natural tea. But there are more than one hundred kinds of liquor, but tea is changeable and countless.

This tea must be built, can black tea with white lining; if it can swallow Chen cup, Yu Fang gas; Longjing and glass combination, a tea flying man with gorgeous; Pu'er Zisha hand is complementary......

Celadon beauty, blue and white porcelain of the net, the cloud over the azure, Geyao gold wire; Jilan beans carmine, brother of JunGuan Jingdezhen. The prosperity of porcelain is dazzling and uncertain.

A practical all-match white porcelain cup, solve the difficult choice disease you immediately.

Tea or orange or red or green, white porcelain in total look thoroughly indifferent.

Too, too short, too simple, too aloof, too humble. But what is more tolerant than white?

What kind of tea, is a white porcelain cup can not be installed? What flavor, is a white porcelain bubble out?

For not rob not take, what is tea, just what tea. What color of soup will give you any soup color?.

Tea is not a practice for reducing everything in the heart?

White porcelain is divided into high white mud, the high iron content of less than 0.5%, the content of aluminum and silicon high mud, color white, sticky, after firing porcelain white and green.

The white porcelain high white clay fired from appearance, color is more white embellish, Sheng tea color is more transparent, more tea gold ring. This is due to the high white mud baked white porcelain cup wall is more moist, and higher degree of integration of light, so it can better reflect the beauty of tea.

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