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The Classification of Ceramic Cup Manufacturers

Ceramic Mug    From:Xinxiang Ceramic Mug Manufacturers     2017-6-22

The Classification of Ceramic Cups Manufacturers

According to the temperature can be divided into

1. low temperature ceramic cup

Low temperature porcelain firing at 700-900 degrees.

2. medium temperature ceramic cup

Generally refers to firing temperature of 1000 degrees ---1200 degrees of ceramics.

3. high temperature ceramic cup

High temperature porcelain firing temperature of more than 1200 degrees.


(1) temperature: high temperature porcelain firing temperature is above 1200 degrees; medium temperature porcelain firing temperature is 1000-1150 degrees; low temperature porcelain firing temperature is 700-900 degrees.

(2) color: high temperature porcelain color is more plump, delicate, glittering and translucent; middle and low temperature porcelain color is more wooden lag.

(3) handle: high temperature porcelain is smooth and delicate; medium and low temperature porcelain is slightly rough.

(4) sound: high temperature porcelain is relatively crisp; middle and low temperature porcelain is relatively low.

(5) texture: high temperature porcelain hardness is stronger; medium and low temperature porcelain is more fragile.

(6), of course, the most obvious difference between high temperature and low temperature ceramic porcelain is a high water absorption rate, water absorption rate of water absorption in low temperature ceramics, high temperature ceramics rate of less than 0.2%, easy to clean products will not absorb the smell, not glaze cracking and local Water Leakage phenomenon. Medium and low temperature ceramic water absorption rate is much higher than this standard, and easy to enter the sewage, not easy to clean, but also send out unpleasant odor, long time will crack and leakage.

According to the structure can be divided into

1. single layer ceramic cup

2. double ceramic cup

By category can be divided into

1. Mug

The mug is from mug to mug, English, refers to a glass handle. Chinese mug-cup transliterated as "mug".

2. thermos cup

3. heat insulation Cup

4. coffee cups

Coffee cups are definitely not chemically reactive to coffee, so active metals can never be made into coffee cups (of course, if you're looking for an alternative flavor), such as an aluminum cup. The body of the coffee cup should be thick, the cup mouth is not wide, the outer cup and the cup make the hot air of the coffee agglomerate, and the temperature of the coffee can not be quickly cooled, and the taste and the taste of the coffee can not be affected.

5. office cups

6. energy health cup

With weak base, it can eliminate acid metabolites in the body, eliminate toxic alcohol, eliminate excess fat, regulate the acid-base balance of human body, and prevent disease. With small molecules, can improve the microcirculation, the function of catharsis, accelerate the excretion of toxins, promote the The new supersedes the old. There are negative potentials that can scavenge excess free radicals in the body and slow down aging. With high oxygen content, it can provide the oxygen and nutrients needed by human cells, and enhance immunity. Containing minerals and trace elements, the proportion of appropriate, easy to absorb the body, promote health. Negative ions can kill viruses and bacteria in the body fluids, purify the blood, relieve fatigue, and regulate the gastrointestinal system.

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