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Toothpaste Magical Effect ceramic coffee mug suppliers

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Toothpaste Magical Effect

Wash white socks

White socks to wear more easily sweat stains made pale black, in fact, you only need to use point toothpaste, flew and white back!

First put socks in the water soaked in the dirty place to put the toothpaste, rub after washing, do not rush flush, put aside for five minutes, and then into the water rinse, then you will find socks and White came back.

Wash white shoes
Small white shoes is now the basic staff of a pair, but for a long time, the shoes of white plastic and toe easy to turn yellow, this time toothpaste can help you!

After wet shoes, coated with a layer of toothpaste on the surface of the shoes, and then brush with a soft brush brush circle, the same set aside for 5 minutes, then rinse with water, you will find stains not seen, shoes bright white as new ~

Clean the ceramic coffee mug suppliers

Ceramic mugs drink tea and coffee, it is easy to leave tea and coffee stains, you can put the toothpaste in the inner wall to clean, scrub for a while, you can clean as ever. Toothpaste is also non-toxic harmless, so clean can wash away the detergent you ~

Clean the iron

Iron with a long time, will leave a layer of black and rust at the bottom, you can cast a little toothpaste in the bottom of the iron, gently wipe, you can restore the light.
Clean silverware

Toothpaste can clean silver should be a lot of friends all know, silver jewelry for a long time do not wear, easy to oxidize black, you just wipe the toothpaste up, and then take a brush brush, red and then restore the original white shiny.

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